[video] CSTV @ the Basketball Hall of Fame

Short vid showing you all the cool stuff going on at the Basketball HOF:

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FUCK THE bulls.

I'm done with them (this season anyways).

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NBA 2008 All-Star Game Custom Fitted

Sole Redemption has the scoop on this custom fitted cap, which is limited to 400 units worldwide, that was created by OriginalDsgns. The cap is leather, looking like a real basketball. Not my thing but if you are looking for something like this, expect to pay a grip!

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Air Jordan 15 SE - 2008 All Star Edition

Super fresh kicks that Rip Hamilton should be wearing on All-Star Weekend. Via EU Kicks.

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BornReady.TV: Lance Stephenson, Episode 2

Go to Lance's Coney Island home and meet his parents, his family, and his lady:

This was released a few weeks ago - there is much more to check out at BornReady.tv!

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[video] Shaq's Millions

Just an idea of how Shaq is livin', post divorce; if you saw Shaq's MTV Cribs show, you have seen some of the lavishness in here:

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Eva Longoria: Dry Snitchin'

What's really good with Eva Longoria saying, in an interview, that Tony Parker fakes his on-court injuries to get calls? In her words:

She says, "Sometimes he acts to get the flagrant foul or, to sell the foul more, he'll throw himself on the floor and really play it up more than what it is.
"I really don't know what the difference is so I'm like, 'Stop laying on the ground if you're not hurt. Just get up!'
"He's like, 'Honey, I have to stay on the ground sometimes.'
"But I get really nervous, it's nail-biting."

Why is she acting brand new? Did she really have to do that? Did Tony Parker give her an earful when he saw this? Is she now barred from coming to games?

*Sigh*: so much beauty, so little brains.

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Kidd Wants Out

The honeymoon has been over for a while, and I can't say that I am at all surprised, with the recent skid the Nets have been on (come on, 9 game losing streak, including an embarrassment to the Timberwolves?), but Jason Kidd let it be known that he is openly looking for a trade, quoted as saying that "it's time for us to move on". Christ. As per current Nets form, Rod Thorn struck back, advising that no trade will happen unless the Nets will be correctly compensated, and that as of right now, Kidd is still under contract. Which makes sense. The Nets don't want to give up someone like Kidd and get a lame duck to replace him, especially with the Brooklyn move coming soon. The thing is, an unhappy kid could be appeased with a trade for someone to fill the void Carter leaves by, well, being Carter. Vinsanity is the bigger whole, and no matter how much of an asset he can be when he is on, he is rarely consistent, and I'd imagine if they Nets could get back to that give-and-go offense that set them ablaze 6 years ago, we could be a serious contender, and not just an "also-ran".

With the trade deadline coming, I can only imagine the sparks that could fly, but I don't see Kidd leaving before the end of this season. By the end of this summer, though? The Nets will be shaken up - they need to be. This is an interesting story going into tonight's game with the Bucks. Will Kidd keep the pressure? Will the Nets respond and man up?

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Nike Zoom Kobe III: All Star Game 2008

Kobe Bryant will reportedly be rockin' these during the All-Star Game this year, to match the West's uniform colors. Is he smokin' rocks? These are hideous!

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Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier Ohio State PE

Made strictly b/c LeBron's homestate is Ohio. Sneakerfiles says these have only been given to the Ohio State team players so far. Available in home and away colors. Wild.

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Top 10 Career Dunks: All-Star 2008 Edition

NBA TV has put together these packages from the 4 contestants in 2008's NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest. Based on these shorts, who do YOU think will take the title?

Rudy Gay

Gerald Green

Jamario Moon

Dwight Howard

Who takes it, based on these videos?

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You're Welcome

The 2008 NBA All-Star game starters say "thanks" in this video:

Check out both rosters. Who do you think has the edge? I stay with the East, but I don't know... that West Coast squadron looks grimey.

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Jackie Moon - "Love Me Sexy"

Basketball should always be this cool.

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Young Chris ft. Rasheed Wallace "Threats" (MP3)

I had no idea 'Sheed was a rhymer. Check him out dropping verse two on this cut with Young Chris (from the Young Gunz) over Jay-Z's "Threats" (produced by 9th Wonder).

I'm not stating dude is a good rapper, I am just smiling b/c he is rhyming. I expected some brawl metaphors, but no dice.

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Converse Wade 3 Marquette Player Exclusive

Sneakerfiles got the drop on this; no word on them being released to the public, which, unless you rep Marquette, should be a good thing.

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Hang Time: Dahntay Jones

You would think Dahntay Jones would take it easy on the team from his home state, but nah, he exposes our defense and then comes with the one-handed reverse jam:

My Nets ended up losing... again.

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Rockets Mid-season Review

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I haven't posted anything about my squad in a minute. Well, it ain't because I haven't been watching (haven't missed a game yet), although there have been some stretches when I wish I had missed a game...or 6!!! Once I realized how long it'd been since my last post, and then how close we were to the midway point of the season...I figured I'd just wait until we'd played 41 and grade the squad.

Before I begin let me say this: when healthy...completely healthy, I think we're the 5th best team in the west.

Oh, and I guess my preseason prediction of 59-23 looks like boo-boo right now...
Fishbone's mid season grades: (in alphabetical order)

Rick Adleman-Head Coach:
Grade: C
A 22-19 record with a team that hast two perennial All-Star game starters = mediocre. A new coach featuring a new offense, and you'd expect some difficulties...but I expected the worst to be long since passed by now, which isn't the case. Anything less than 28-13 in the final 41 games = a return to the lottery.

Skip to My Lou-Starting PG:
Grade B+
Skip's play since the injury to T-Mac just might be one of the best things to happen to, not only the Rockets, but to his confidence as an NBA caliber point guard. He's one of 4 Rockets to post a double figure scoring average (11.6 ppg) thru the 1st half of the season and he's also tops on the team dropping 5 dimes a game. His contributions will be crucial down the stretch.

Shane Battier-Starting SF
Grade B
Shane leads the team in 3pt FG's made and is second on the squad in blocks. He draws the toughest defensive assignment every night, and usually fares pretty well. Shane is a 'glue' guy that every team needs...we just need him to raise that 3pt FG% from the 37% he's shooting now. If he can shoot at least 44% behind the arc in the second half of the season...yeah baby!

Aaron Brooks-Reserve PG
Grade B
This kid is lightning quick, and since being recalled from the D-league, has performed like he belongs in the show. I'm excited to see what more he can contribute in the second half.

Stevie Franchise-Reserve PG
Grade Incomplete
This is the first 4 inc's that I'll be giving out. Here is the criteria: 10 or less games played. I really thought Franchise would be a difference maker for this team when he signed...still waiting on that to happen.

Chuck Hayes-Starting PF
Grade B+
One of the worst free throw shooters in the league...but damn he busts his ass every night! I would love to see him DUNK THE DAMN BALL a bit more frequently. He is an undersized PF, but plays much bigger than his height. Yeah, could be another Barkley...if he'd dunk the ball!!!

Luther Head-Reserve SG
Grade B-
Another player that benefited from T-Mac's injury. Hopefully, his energy level and aggression will remain constant as he readjusts to life coming off the bench.

Mike James-Reserve SG
Grade C-
I was hoping he would be the same Mike James...(WHO, Mike James) that he was during his first stint with the squad. Yeah...I'm still hoping.

Carl Landry-Reserve PF
Grade Incomplete
Carl's only played in 8 games, so by my rule he gets the inc. But this kid is probably the most exciting player we have. HE DUNKS THE DAMN BALL...LOVE IT MAYNE!!!

T-Mac-Starting SG
Grade B
T-Mac is the best player on the team...point blank, period! JUST STAY HEALTHY, DAMMIT!!!

Yao Ming-Starting C
Grade A
As much as I'm a fan of Yao, I'm one of his biggest critics. I finally think he's starting to let his emotions loose on the court, and that can only help the team. Leading the team in scoring average, rebounds, blocks, and free throw %, he is, by far, the best center in the league. But as the saying goes: one man is not an island, and without T-Mac and the rest of the weapons on this squad...lottery here we come.

Dikembe Mutombo-Reserve C
Grade C
When Yao's in foul trouble, Deke checks in...and can still intimidate many a shot taker in this league. His one highlight of the season has to be that pick-and-roll dunk against the Spurs earlier this season.

Steve Novak-Reserve SF
Grade Incomplete
3 games played this season...Inc

Luis Scola-Reserve PF
Grade B+
It took about 15 games for him to really get comfortable here in the NBA, but he's done it and we are much better because of it. Scrappy, consistent, hard-nosed...and just about anything else you'd use to describe a hard worker is Scola. His shooting has improved over the last 12 games, and I expect this guy to have a great second half...and we'll need it.

Kirk Snyder-Reserve SF
Grade Incomplete
9 games played, so he qualifies...but even if he didn't qualify the grade would be the same. I remember this kid back at Nevada and he was the shizzle. He just hasn't gotten the burn here in the league and that's probably a shame.

Bonzi Wells-Reserve SF
Grade B-
Bonzi came to camp in shape and with a great attitude to start the season. He's the only non-starter averaging double figures in scoring (10 ppg). Still a great rebounder, with a great low post game...but a very streaky shooter. If he can bump his scoring average up to around 12 we have the potential to have a great second half.

We've played one of the toughest schedules in the league so far and are 3 games over .500. I'm predicting a 27-14 second half to finish the season @ 49-33...the 8th seed in the West.

And there it is...

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Semi-Pro Trailer

Stay tuned for the sequel starring me and Khal.

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On this day two years ago, we all became witness to this generation's greatest scoring feat. Some despise him and say that he's arrogant; they hate him and call him selfish; they can't stand him and call him cocky. To all of you haters, let me ask you this one question - Have YOU ever scored 81 points in one game? The answer is no. And it's not because you're unselfish or you're a team player...it's because YOUR sorry ass doesn't have the ability to do so.

Salute the Best Player in the Game Today.

*Bonus* - Kobe's first All-Star Game

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NBA Slam Dunk Competition 2K8 News

Well, it looks like the four contestants in this year's NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Competition (taking place on Feb. 16th) have been named:

Returning champ Gerald Green

(NOTE: This is back when he was a Celtic)

Rudy Gay

Jamario Moon

and Dwight Howard

If you've read this blog at all, you'd know that we have been fans of Dwight Howard's, and I could imagine that E would agree with me when I say Howard should have this one in the bag.

The dopest change going on in this year's competition is the addition of letting the fans decide who won. The judges votes won't hold any more water than the fans, who can text and vote on-line. I'm wondering how they will schedule things: that window, if they are trying to decide a winner that night, has got to be tight, so you might see the Slam Dunk contest on a lil' earlier, if that's the case (the Dunk contest usually ends the night). We shall see, though...

Bonus Beats: Check out the "Sticker Dunk" Controversy:

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[video] 'Melo's Ankle Sprain

This is a rough one. Carmelo Anthony sprained his left ankle (the same ankle he sprained back in 2004) last night during the 2nd quarter of the Nuggets-Lakers game (which L.A. ended up winning, 116-99). WSHH has the footage:

Ouch! Anthony is getting his ankle re-evaluated today, but the initial x-rays were negative. Good luck, 'Melo.

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Hang Time: Nate Robinson

I post this with a heavy heart, based on the way the Knicks beat my Nets on the 16th of Jan., but peep lil' Nate Robinson with the put-back dunk against Miami:

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Air Jordan XXIII - Become Legendary.

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Calm Down, Glen

Did this story legitimately fall under the radar, or was I just sleeping? Based on this SLAM piece on the significance of Glen Rice's wife, Christina Fernandez Rice, to their history, I find that Glen Rice got arrested on Friday, Jan. 12th for beating up the naked man he found in his estranged wife's closet. Now, Glen, your wife is definitely pretty (that pic up above is a smoker), but come on, she's no Joumana Kidd, or a Masha Lopatova. Hell, she isn't even a Jackie Christie.

Don't go getting a criminal record for beating up some random naked cat over a chick that isn't a super dime. You end up looking foolish, Glen. You finta lose some stripes over this one.

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Reebok Hexride Yao Ming Olympic

I'd always figure that dragons on your kicks would be a good look. Sadly, this is not the case.

The new Olympic kicks that Yao will be rockin' during the '08 Olympics. Via Sneakerfiles.

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Hang Time: Amare Stoudemire

Simple and plain: Amare with the one-handed power-slam.

Dude is mean, even when he's uncontested.

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Nets Notes (15th Jan. 2008)

It's been damn near 2 weeks since I've updated you guys about my Nets; they've been so back and forth, it's been hard to keep an angle on them. Let's grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and revisit the last week and a half in the Nets 2007-08 season:

  • It looks like Kiki Vanderweghe was Knicks bound (or, he WANTED to be Knicks bound) before signing with New Jersey; I guess it's OK, though, we should be Brooklyn-ized in a few.
  • Even though Richard Jefferson missed a shootaround on the 4th of Jan. due to flu-like symptoms, he played (and added 28 points) in our 102-96 win over Charlotte at home. Jason Kidd dropped his 8th triple double of the season, and Vince Carter came correct with 30 points. We struggle during the entire first half, with 33% from the field, but turned up the pressure come 3rd quarter and kept the Bobcats trailing for the majority of the 2nd half. Josh Boone started that game, and had a solid 12 point/9 board performance, and we also got 11 points from Nachbar coming off the bench.
  • We got our 5th win in a row at the hands of the Hawks; a 113-107 win in Atlanta isn't really a gigantic triumph, and we pretty much just played to our strengths (Vince & RJ dropping 20+ points, Kidd rocking ANOTHER triple-double, Sean Williams, Boone and Nachbar each coming with double-digit points, etc.); there was a scare with RJ "tweaking" his knee, but he still finished the game and played solidly - exams from the Nets' team doctor came out negative for any serious injury, thank God.
  • Billy Thomas got waived, which was no surprise as he added no impact to the Nets whatsoever. Malik Allen was given an non-guaranteed deal as well; with his recent recovery from a sore back, we'll see how this pans out.
  • What was really good with ESPN harping on Kidd's mustache? The man is doing the damn thing - let him be.
  • The bad thing about the Nets and win-streaks is that they end up getting broken by teams you wouldn't expect, like the Bobcats, who came to the IZOD and got their revenge, with a 115-99 win. Kidd got another triple double, but the rest of the team was lukewarm. Carter, who had been on something of a hot-streak of his own, only recorded 17 points, and as a team we trailed the Bobcats in boards, assists, FG %, FT %, treys and a few other categories. When we're on, we're on, but when we're off, we might as well not show up.
  • We turned things around on the 9th, where we hosted the Sonics, and ended up coming out with a double-digit win, 99-88, with Jason Kidd allowing the team to coast on through the entire game. Durant got held to 15 points, and Kidd didn't get a triple-double (I guess a double-double will do), but we got the job done, period. Easy win...
  • My boy Byron Scott got interviewed, and expressed that he is still bitter over being fired by the Nets. I am, too. He was the man when the Nets got Jason Kidd and scorched the East a few years back. I miss that dude.
  • Word is Jason Kidd is having another baby? Hopefully this baby isn't as big-headed as TJ is! I keed, I keed.
  • The heads who were beefing with Bruce Ratner over the Atlantic Yards project (AKA the Brookyln Nets' home) got their case dismissed. I've never been to Brooklyn before, but I think I might make the trek if/when the Nets move.
  • I hated watching this Nets vs. Celtics game from Jan. 11th, for I was shocked that we came out the box so sharp. How the hell did we only score 9 points in the fourth?! And 14 in the 2nd? Kidd got another double-double, but the way we were scoring (or not scoring), it didn't matter. Then again, these are the Celtics - it's not like we got superwaxed by Miami or something! Low-scoring final: 86-77.
  • NetsDaily pointed out a wild Catch-22 situation that both Nenad Krstic and Marcus Williams are in: while both need to get back on the court to not only build up their confidence, but sharpen their skills, the Nets cannot afford to fumble games on their road to above .500. For the time being, M. Will won't be D-League bound, but now is not the time to lose a game over either of these cats. Maybe post-All-Star break will bring them more burn.
  • Which brings us to last night's embarrassing loss to Portland, 99-73(!?!?!??!!?!?!??!). Malik Allen got 17 points and 8 boards, but with Kidd/Carter/Jefferson only combining for 7 for 33 from the field, it didn't matter. We lookedl ike suckers from the start, like we'd have rather played this game on another day. If we're looking to be a serious contender, we need to be on every night. We split the 6 games played in the last week, and either looked phenomenal or stunk like hot garbage. How can we turn this around? Total commitment. If not, the playoffs will just be a memory.

We have a chance to do some solid work, and the young guys who need to be molded to perform at top-quality, game in and game out. This sometime-y nonsense doesn't cut the mustard, nor does it win games. Keep building, Nets!

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Air Jordan XX3: Who's Carrying It?

Here's the list of the 23 stores that will be carrying the Air Jordan XX3 White/Titanium-University Blue sneaker, via Sneakerfiles:

House of Hoops (268 West 125Th New York, NY 10027)
Footlocker (43-45 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001)
Champs (5 Times square New York, NY 10036)
Footaction (430 &th Ave New York, NY 10001)
Finishline (Fox hills Mall, 167 Fox Hills Mall, Culver City, CA 90230)
Kicks (Galleria Mall, 5135 W Alabama #60106 Houston, TX 77056)
The Shoe Gallery (244 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL 33132)
Millennium Shoes (5176 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029-2428)
Walter’s (66 Decatur St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303)
Sheikh (1831 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103)
Undefeated (112 1/2 S La Brea Ave, Los Angelas, CA 90036)
Sneakervilla (4 South 52nd St, Philly, PA 19139)
Expressions (486 Washington Street, Boston, MA 2111)
NBA Store (666 5th Ave, New York, NY 10103)
DTLR (Columbia Mall 10300 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, MD 21044)
Moe’s (89-02 165th Street Jamaica, NY 11432)
Jimmy Jazz (224 E Fordham Rd Bronx, NY 10458)
NikeTown SF (278 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94108)
NikeTown LA (9560 Willshire Blvd #102 Los Angeles, CA 90212)
NikeTown Chi-Town (669 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611)
NikeTown NYC (6 East 57th Street New York, NY 10022)
Mainly in NY and Cali, eh? 01/25/08, $230, for some green Air Jordans? I wish...

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Kirilenko Gets His Kobe On?!

Spotted at Hardwood Paroxysm via what I assume is Andrei's sports.ru blog? I have no words to describe what the hell is going on, but if someone could translate that sports.ru page, I'd love to see what it says?

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Contest: SNY Invitational Prize Pack

We here at HYSMD have a special prize pack to give out, which helps celebrate the forthcoming inaugural SNY Invitational; SNY is producing and televising the tournament, which is presented by Time Warner Cable.

This tourney will feature 4 high school Boys varsity squads from the NYC area: the Abraham Lincoln Railsplitters, Benjamin N. Cardozo Judges, John F. Kennedy Knights and the Frederick Douglass Lions. Abraham Lincoln's Railsplitters features one of the HS scene's most talked about players, Lance Stephenson, so if you want to truly see a future star in the making, set aside your calender for this event. The on-air talent will feature Gary Cohen, the renowned New York Mets and Seton Hall basketball play-by-play announcer, analyst and former L.A. Lakers guard John Celestand as well as roving reporter Kevin Burkhardt – the talented and popular field reporter on SNY’s Mets telecasts. There will also be entertainment provided, including a performance of our national anthem, professional dance teams, drum lines, MCs and more (info on this will be announced in the coming weeks). There will be celebrities on hand, including former Mets pitcher Ron Darling and Mister Cee, a Hip-Hop producer, Hot 97FM radio personality, and DJ for legendary MCs like Big Daddy Kane and The Notorious B.I.G.; the schedule looks like this:

FRIDAY, FEB. 1, 2008
Game 1: 6:00 pm ET
Lincoln High School vs. Cardozo High School

SATURDAY, FEB. 2, 2008
Game 2: 8:00 pm ET
Kennedy High School vs. Fredrick Douglass Academy
The prize pack we are offering will feature the following goods:

1 Pair Of NJ Net's tickets
1 Pair Of Tickets To SNY Invitational
1 Rucker prize pack (t-shirt, basketball, hat)
...and more
You do NOT want to miss out on this. If you want to get down on this contest, just send me an e-mail (subject header: SNY INVITATIONAL CONTEST), and I will pick a winner. The only stipulation is that you MUST reside in New York area. I will be accepting e-mails until the 21st of January, so get your details in. Good luck!

And for those who are just trying to go to the event, tickets will be available for purchase soon; an added bonus is that each ticket purchased is good for 2 tickets to see the NJ Nets (for more info on tickets, call 212-228-5558).

Check out this teaser video for more highlights and info:

Special shouts out to:

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G-Unit Vs. DTP (Nov. 2007 Charity Game)

Back in November, Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace crew battled 50 Cent's G-Unit soldiers in a charity basketball game. Like much of 2007, G-Unit lost. Here's some action, as well as Young Buck & Lloyd Banks talking about everything he was going to do, which none of it happened (sounds like his 2nd LP):

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Inside The Mind...

Here's a few short clips of an "Inside The Mind" series NBA TV has done; just some game footage interspersed with a few words from the subject:

Dwight Howard:

Allen Iverson:

They did a bunch of these last year, mainly "Inside the Playoff Mind"; I think there's like 4 different LeBron James clips (hit up the NBA YouTube page for more)... in any case, enjoy.

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The Bobcats laced the Celtics!??!

I was feeling pretty bad about my Nets getting rinsed by Charlotte on Monday night, until I saw the final score of last night's Charlotte win over Boston, 95-83. What?! Well, with Paul Pierce only going 4-14, and Ray Allen on the bench, a chunk of the Celts' offensive muscle was M.I.A.; couple that with the Bobcats playing some tenacious D, and you have what amounts to one of the biggest wins for the Bobcats franchise, and only the fourth loss handed to Boston so far this season.

For more of what went down last night, here's NBA TV's recap of last night's NBA games:

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The Right Way To Say "Sorry"

Currently holding the last place spot in the Pacific Division, the L.A. Clippers are a shell of the team that surprised many fans a couple of seasons ago. I guess the Clippers' front office realized this, and decided to say sorry...

...by offering up some bikini-clad beach shots of the Clipper Spirit Dance Team! I guess being a fan of a team that's 10-21 a month away from the All-Star break has some great perks, namely Summer, Taylor & Ashley.

via The Association.

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LeBron Owns The Fourth, Pt. 2

Here's a rip from Sportscenter showing LeBron putting the pressure on the whole Raptors team, with some funny digs at Chris Bosh's shorty:

Word to the wise:

Maybe as foolish as heckling him.

A lesson the Raptors and their fans had to learn the hard way.

"I say probably leave him alone next time," Bosh said.
LeBrown Owns The Fourth

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Kobe Bryant f/Tyra Banks - K.O.B.E

Not to be outdone by Old Man Shaq...it's The Mamba!

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What's Up Doc (Can We Rock?)

Remember Shaq Diesel? I figure, now that he's been on the sidelines for a bit, he might restart his budding rap career:

I can't front, though, the Fu Schnickens were ill. Chip Fu (aka the tight, darkskinned Fu) is still making music, I believe he did a few things with Phife and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Grab their Greatest Hits and tell me they didn't have some ill ish going on...

Bonus Beats:

Shaq ft. RZA & Method Man "No Hooks"

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LeBron Owns The Fourth

Pure dominance in the fourth quarter is LeBron James' forte:

Fueled by some good-natured heckling from Toronto star Chris Bosh's girlfriend and others, James outscored the Raptors 24-20 in the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers' 93-90 win on Sunday.
Yes, you read that right. LeBron outscored the Raptors 24-20. What kind of nonsense is that? Granted, they fueled the fire by talkin' ish, but how does one man outscore an entire team... in their backyard?! Maybe Vince Carter needs to give up that "half man/half amazing" nickname?

Via Yahoo/AP: Tour-de-fourth: James answers trash talk with power, points against Raptors

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Dahntay's Lament

Damn, homey. In high school you was the MAN homey, what the f*ck happened to you?

In all seriousness, though, I am kind of shook that a local boy who made it, Dahntay Jones, was just waived by the Kings the other day. He had actually just gotten signed by them in December, but in TrueHoop's recent post on the heavy WAIVE day we just had, Dahntay showed up.

It's weird; neph is one year older than me, and I never really spoke to him, but in elementary school, I saw him play a few times. He had skills then. Really cool dude. I was never surprised when he went from Steinert HS in Hamilton to Rutgers then onto Duke (playing alongside cats like Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy Jr. in the 2000-01 Blue Devils Championship season). It was inevitable that he'd be in the Pros, and turning on Grizzlies games in the past, I felt that hometown pride. Anyone who grew up or knows about Trenton, NJ, it's hard to shake that stigma the world gives you on that. He overcame all of that, and one can only hope he gets back on his grind and gets re-signed by someone.

Best of luck, my dude.

EDIT: On a note from Anonymous, I reread the article and realized my mistake, that Dahntay was NOT released, but he is currently on a non-guaranteed, 1 year contract with the Kings. So, he's good for a non-guaranteed year. And yes, he's playing solid, so he shouldn't have a problem getting a new contract at the end of the season. Still and all, best of luck to the man.

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Nike Air Flight Windmill

Looks like the mid-season Kick switch-up is upon us, and word is these kicks, the Nike Air Flight Windmill, are getting a serious flip on the colorways. The above is the Vince Carter version (very slick interpolation on the Nets colorscheme); peep some of the other options below:

Via Sneakerfiles, as per usual.

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Carmelo Anthony: "Vote for Baron Davis"

Quirky video spotted at Fanhouse:

Not sure how legit this one is, but 'Melo definitely wants you to vote for Baron Davis. How funny is it that the NBA is going viral?

In case you missed this one

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Born Ready - Lance Stephenson

We've all seen this story before - New York City kid is widely heralded as the best thing since sliced bread, he's rising up from humble surroundings, and is expected to be the best basketball player in the country.

Peep this brief intro for Lance Stephenson, the latest high school hoops star out of NYC. As soon as they mentioned Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair during the clip, I was fearful for the kid's progression as a human being. Hopefully the only similarities that he'll share with them are their hometowns and choice of occupation. Tune in to Bornready to follow along with Lance's progression.

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Hang Time: Richard Jefferson

Damn, peep Richard Jefferson sonning a Hawk with this monster jam from last night's 113-107 win over the Hawks in the A:

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N.B.A. - NUPE Basketball Association

David Noel - Theta Omicron Chapter

Andre Owens - Alpha Chapter

Erick Dampier - Eta Upsilon

Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway - Kappa Beta Chapter

Allan Houston - Mu Rho Chapter

Lorenzen Wright - Kappa Beta Chapter

Alan Henderson - Alpha Chapter

Kerry Kittles - Delta Eta Chapter

Elliot Perry - Kappa Beta Chapter

Johnny Newman - Eta Xi Chapter

Bernie Bickerstaff

Darrell Walker - Theta Epsilon Chapter

Alex English - Zeta Epsilon Chapter

Rolando Blackman - Beta Psi Chapter

Danny Manning - Mu Chapter

Sam Jones

Elgin Baylor

Oscar Robertson

Wilt Chamberlain - Mu Chapter

Bill Russell

Robert Johnson - Beta Chapter

All of these gentlemen have made a mark on the National Basketball Association, whether just by achieving their goal of making it to the league, to being one of most successful athletes of all-time, to being the first black billionaire and first black owner of a professional sports franchise...and all of them are members of the Greatest Fraternity on Earth - Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Happy Founder's Day, NUPES. Kontinue to ACHIEVE in every field of human endeavor.

Related link(s):
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

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In case you missed this one

Instant CLASSIC!

I'll have a Rockets review later...got to go vote for Chris again. Ain't that right Bubba!!!


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Framed: Nelly & Allen Iverson

XXLMag.com reported on this Reebok Entertainment series entitled Framed, where celebrities create short documentary-style films about atheletes. Tonight's episode is done by Nelly, and is on Denver Nugget Allen Iverson. Check out the preview:

That's real talk about OJ Simpson. I'm definitely gonna be watchin'...

This episode debuts tonight at 10:30PM EST on IFC. Check your local listings and alladat.

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Air Jordan Retro 8 Pimp C Laser

I posted about the Air Jordan 1 Low Pimp C tribute sneaker given to Bun B the other day. Looks like they didn't stop there; Sneakerfiles has the scoop on these exclusives, featuring both Pimp C and UGK logos on them. And they are saying that these were not issued by Jordan Brand, but created for Bun B.

RIP Pimp C.

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Nets Notes (3rd Jan. 2008)

Happy New Year, Nets fans! I've been chillin' no the NetsTalk, and we're still a hair under .500, but let's see how NJ closed out 2007 and started out 2008...

  • On Dec. 28th, the Nets beat out the Wizards at home, 109-106. We had big games from Kidd, Carter and RJ, as well as Sean Williams, who dropped 14 points and 10 boards. That rookie is developing into a problem for defenses and big cats under the boards. Nachbar even added 12 points, playing off the bench nicely. Tight game overall, with the Nets trading leads back and forth for a bit with the Wizards, but they missed one and we held on tight.
  • On the road, NJ pulled out another close on, rocking the Bucks 97-95 in Milwaukee. We lucked out on the strength of the Bucks not hitting their free throws that night. Kidd came through with a double-double (17 pts., 15 dimes), but the only other double-digit scorers were Carter and Jefferson. This game marked 4 wins out of the last 5 games, which is pretty ill for the kind of up and down season we've had so far.
  • In terms of Trade Talk, Rod Thorn says he's been getting offers for all kinds of things (like Allen Iverson for Jason Kidd... LOL), and is willing to talk if the move is right. Thing is, Jason Kidd is a bit of a wildcard for teams wanting to trade, especially given that New Jersey would rather get a healthy young guy than an older, broken favorite. Rumor is they spoke to Memphis about Pau Gasol, but who could the Nets honestly give up for Gasol, while still maintaining a solid core? If Carter wasn't so wishy-washy, he'd be a steal, but he's NJ's headache... for now. Guys like Nachbar and Jefferson might play into a smart team's mix, but I don't expect anything too major by the end of Feb.
  • The end of 2007 saw what we already knew happen: the former Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe was named "Special Assistant to the President", meaning he will be evaluating current and future players, as well as helping mold the 2008 NBA Draft picks for NJ. Let's hope he doesn't do something silly, like bring A.I. to the Nets.
  • It's official: the Nets will be in New Jersey until 2010.
  • All of this brings us to last night's miracle of a win in Orlando, where we played a crappy 1st half (33% from the field, as well as the Magic leading by as many as 15 at one point in the 2nd quarter), but this all changed in the 2nd half, as a true team effort helped us eek one out, 96-95. Tough win, but in a game where Jason Collins scores 10 points, and is one of 4 players off the bench with points in the double-digit range, anything can happen. Kidd recorded ANOTHER double-double (10 pts., 10 dimes), and ran by another "Magic": Jason Kidd recorded his 9,000th assist, and surpassed Magic Johnson on the all-time rebounding guards list, moving into 4th place. Right now, his mind is in the current season, which is good.

Hopefully the rest of the team stays with him...

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Hang Time: Travis Outlaw

I'm no huge fan of the Trailblazers, but you have to give Travis Outlaw props on this monster dunk. That shot of him in the air before the slam is poster-worthy:

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Air Jordan XX3 White/Titanium-University Blue

I know, I know, I keep coming with the Kicks posts, as well as the Air Jordan XX3 posts, but this color scheme is too buttery. Word from Sneakerfiles is that not only will these badboys cost a hefty $230, but they will ONLY be available at the top 23 Nike Towns. How wild is that.

You won't see these until the 25th of Jan. 2008, so save your duckets and prepare to shine on your people.

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