Team USA's Olympic TV Schedule

I know a lot of you nakkas missed yesterday's 101-70 spanking Team USA handed to Yao and his Chinese team, so I figured I'd hit you with the Team USA TV Schedule that Dime posted on Friday:

Sunday August 10th, 10:15 AM EST
Team USA vs. China
Live on NBC

Tuesday August 12th, 8 AM EST
Team USA vs. Angola
Live on the USA Network at 8 AM

Thursday August 14th, 8 AM EST
Team USA vs. Greece
Live on the USA Network

Saturday August 16th, 10:15 AM EST
Team USA vs. Spain
Live on NBC

Monday August 18th, 8 AM EST
Team USA vs. Germany
Live on the USA Network

Depending on where Team USA places among the top four teams in their group, they start the quarter finals on Wednesday, August 20th. The order of the games hasn’t been determined yet, but the four games will be played at 2:30 AM EST, 4:45 AM EST, 8 AM, and 10:15 AM, all on the NBC Olympic Basketball channel.

The semifinals will be played on Friday, August 22nd at 8 AM EST and 10:15 AM EST, live on NBC.

The Gold Medal game will be Sunday, August 24th at 2:30 AM live on NBC. Hopefully we don’t have to worry about the Bronze Medal game at Midnight on the 24th.


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