[video] LeBron IV, Episode 9

Check out this video about the making of the LeBron IV shoe. This features some dope music, too, all originally produced by Khrysis (the track "Next Level" with Torae, which was made spcifically for this project, is featured):

I think I missed episodes 1-8, though...

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Chris Webber: Calling It Quits

Chris Webber, a man some say is one of the greatest power forwards of all time, is set to retire today, due to nagging knee problems. And I am none the happier. My man went from the Fab Five (and the infamous time-out) to an almost-ran, who, while averaging 20 points a game throughout his career, was also a burden for some teams (think Philadelphia). I don't know what it was about Webber, but I went from riding for him when he first joined to down-right loathing of him, just for living. Or maybe it was the string of arrests and weed found on his person (he was obviously big before the invention of the weed-carrier).

Get your knee fixed, duke - and stay out of the NBA.

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Adidas TS Lightswitch Gil II Zero x Gilwood

For $90, you can be one of 3000 lucky owners of a special edition Adidas TS Lightswitch Gil II Zero x Gilwood that pays homage to the city of Los Angeles, a place which Gilbert Arenas was born, raised and still has love for. Peep the colorway. Looks like these will be released globally on March 30th, 2008, the day in which the Lakers play the Wizards. Nice touch.

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Reebok Pump Slam Dunk Contest Anniversary Pack

Looks like Reebok is taking it back with the re-release of the Omni Lite Pumps that Dee Brown won during the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest. This new pack will also feature Pumps commemorating the 1993 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (one that featured both Kenny Smith AND Harold Miner), and are numbered to '1993' instead of '1991'. More info over at Sneakerfiles.

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Life After the Streak

Well, it's over. It's been over for a week now, I'm just getting around to writing about it. Man, I was good and drunk and having a good time out at the Sportsbar watching the streak reach dub-deuce level against the Kobe's last Sunday. Tuesday rolled around, the game started and I was hoping, thinking...hell, even believing that the Rockets were about to do the impossible. No, not beat the Celtics, but be associated with the greatest number in NBA history "23". And we all know it...but I digress...
The C's straight sonned us from the 3rd quarter on. A trend duplicated by CP3 and his boys the next night in the N.O. Not a good look. Personally speaking, after getting thumped by 20+ in back-to-back games, made our performance against the Runnin' Warriors that more impressive. By the way, I don't care what anybody says, outside of my ROCKETS, Golden St. is my favorite team to watch on tv...they just go, and go, and go...and ask the Kobe's about the possibility of facing them in the first round of the playoffs...
We straight stunk up the joint out in Phoenix until late in the 3rd quarter, but we fought back to make it respectful. Beating the Kings yesterday was necessary...peri-odd! As is beating the T'Wolves tomorrow night. Sunday's game against "Timmay" is H U G E!
Way back when I predicted a 59-23 season. Now I'm willing to accept that my prediction was a bit off, given that we're sitting at 48-23 with 11 to go...but it ain't like we can't win 11 straight...!!!
Oh yeah. 22 wins...22 ROCKETS dancers...coincidence???

and there it is...

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[video] Kobe With The Dish?

Say it ain't so... our little Bean really IS growing up:

While I am all for points over style, why couldn't Luke Walton have done something a bit slicker?

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Send it in, Stromile!

Yo, I'm happy we finally beat the Nets (phuq you, Khal), but why is it that we've been on the wrong end of a throw down so many times this season? Dayum, Ty!

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The Streak.

Words by Scott Liu

It’s funny how all the experts keep predicting when the Rocket’s streak will end. It was supposed to come to an end in Dallas, but it didn’t. Then it was supposed to end against New Orleans in Houston, but it didn’t. There was no way it would get to 22 wins in a row on Sunday against the Lakers, but it did. Now it is supposed to end Tuesday night against Boston in Houston, I honestly believe the Rockets will win this one too; we will have to wait and see what happens. Oh I forgot, the Mavs had an excuse, Dirk was out for that game. The Hornets had one too; David West was out for that game. Let’s not forget about the Lakers, Pau Gasol was out of that game. Even though the Mavs still had Jason Kidd, Josh Howard, and Jason Terry (who lights the Rockets up almost every time they play); the Hornets still had Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic, and Tyson Chandler; and the Lakers still had Kobe and Lamar Odem (this was the only mismatch the Lakers had and that great coach Phil Jackson wasn’t smart enough to exploit it). I would think that these teams still having that much talent on hand would be good enough to beat the Rockets, but the haters need their excuses I guess. Maybe they forgot that the Rockets are without their best player, for the rest of the season, if the Rockets lose, this won’t be their excuse, and in fact they don’t need and won’t use an excuse. I guess all the people who think 22 wins in a row is not impressive need a reason to explain why the Rockets won those games. They keep saying the Rockets haven’t beaten any good teams during the streak. They have beaten Golden State (who they hadn’t beaten in like 2 years until they became victim #1 out of 22 so far and T-Mac didn’t play in that game); they’ve beaten the Hornets twice, the Cavs twice, the Mavs, and now the Lakers. Now the experts are saying “we’ll we didn’t mean those teams, we meant the San Antonio’s, Boston’s, and Detroit’s of the league.” Now the Lakers, Mavs, Hornets, and Cavs aren’t good enough. Take it up with the NBA’s schedule makers, all the Rockets have done is beat the team they were scheduled to play for the last 22 times. Don’t be mad because it wasn’t your favorite NBA team who went on this incredible run, just sit back and appreciate the history you are witnessing, you may not see it again in professional sports in your lifetime, or you might see it next year. Stop acting as if this is an easy accomplishment, if it were, then why didn’t Magic’s Lakers, Bird’s Celtics, Isiah’s Pistons, or Jordan’s Bulls do it? Why haven’t the Spurs, Celtics, or Pistons of today had this kind of a run?

Those who doubt need to pay attention to why the Rockets are winning these games. 1st, they play relentless defense, just ask Kobe about Battier. 2nd, they play unselfish as a team. 3rd, they have a belief and confidence in themselves and their teammates. 4th, every player that hits the floor for the Rockets is a high energy player, they do not give up on any play, they get to almost all of the loose balls, and they fight hard and keep the ball alive for offensive rebounds. 5th, they have figured out Adelman’s offense, it took a while, but everyone know it would. So keep making your excuses and come up with more of them when the Rockets keep on winning. Are they a championship contender this year, maybe, but it will be a difficult road in the playoffs without Yao, but you never know what can happen, so don’t count this Rockets team out. A Lakers fan sat behind me at the Rockets game yesterday, he was full of excuses. When he was crying about Rafer Alston getting in Vujacic’s face and saying how Rafer sucked and all that, I calmly told him “he outplayed Kobe today.” He got quiet, thought about his reply for a minute and said “yeah, but they will lose in the 1st round again.” I replied “not this year, not this team, this isn’t the same group of players from last year.” He kind of looked at me frightened, like he realized I spoke the truth and that his Lakers may run into this team again in the playoffs. In fact, all the Lakers fans kept yelling after the game that the Rockets will lose in the 1st round again, to which I say “not this year, not this team.”

Hello Boston Celtics, welcome to Houston, TX where 23 in a row happens.

Rockets Video Gallery

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It's Artest, Homie


The Kings' Ron Artest is reigniting his Rap Dreams, but I am not sure using Biggie lyrics and the instrumental to "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" are gonna do it, homie. Good luck, though!


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Skip to the Top.

Flashback to 2:18 AM Sunday morning in Houston, TX - I'm minding my own business, posted up on the sidewalk waiting to pick up my dime brizzle when out of the club strolls ol' Rafer Alston. His spirits seemed to be a bit up and considering that the Rockets were in the midst of a 21 game win streak, he had pretty good reason to be happy. At the same time, the hometown fans probably wouldn't want their starting point guard out past 2 AM on the day of a monster game against the LA Lakers...an early game at that. So as Rafer made his way down the street arguing with some dude about who hadn't been to church in the longest, I remarked to my homeboy Reggie (diehard Laker fan) that it wouldn't be surprising if Rafer went 3-19 later that day. Reggie clapped in glee and instantly felt confident that the Lakers would demolish the Rockets. I called my best friend Kene (diehard Rockets fan) and let him know what I had just witnessed and all Kene could do was sigh. Again, if you're a fan, you probably want your starters at home getting a good night's rest on the day of a big game. Little did I know that Rafer Alston would literally have the game of his NBA life later on that same day.

Son straight BOMBED away on the Lakers to the tune of 31 points (including 8 three pointers!) and led the Rockets to their TWENTY-SECOND STRAIGHT victory. T-Mac didn't even score in the first half and the Rockets were up by 15 at the break. The Lakers stormed back, but the Rockets were just too much for them. Battier locked down Kobe, Rafer couldn't miss, freakin' Mike Harris was ballin'...it was great to watch. That fool Reggie STILL hasn't answered his cell phone since the game ended. And now, after 22 straight wins, the Rockets stand at the top of the Western Conference with 16 games left to play. Anyone who says they could have seen this one coming is a liar and a fraud. After the game, I got this text message from Kene:

"Rafer better get pass out drunk on Monday nite."


P.S. - Anyone who is still hating on the Rockets and their win streak should promptly kill themselves. When you hate on undeniable excellence (which is what this streak is), all you do is reveal the bitch in you. So, from this bulls fan to the Rockets faithful, I respect what your team is doing and hope that it continues.

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[video] Block Of The Year?

Jason Maxiell makes Tyson Chandler look ridiculous with this amazing block:

I was flipping through the channels and hit ABC right when this block happened. Such a thing of disgusting beauty.

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How To Shoot Free Throws by Chuck Hayes

Now you too can shoot like a pro!

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ESPN Presents Black Magic

Airing tonight (March 16th) and tomorrow (March 17th) night at 9PM, ESPN is premiering a commercial-free documentary entitled Black Magic, which, although a month removed from Black History Month, is dedicated to the untold stories of HBCU ballers and coaches during the Civil Rights era. It's narrated by Samuel L. Jackson & Wynton Marsalis, and is co-produced by Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. Should be a treat for you history buffs.

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The Best In the West

2nd longest streak in NBA history. This is the greatest moment in the Houston Rockets regular season franchise history.

T-Mac said it best during his post game, on-court interview: "...from 10th spot to 1st."
Anyone else think that the league and ABC couldn't be anymore excited that they picked up coverage of the ROCKETS/Kobe's game on Sunday??? The winner will be atop the western conference standings. Talk about a ratings coup.

and there it is...

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Fouling out has never been so krunk.

Every NBA team should do this when an opposing player fouls out. Shout out to North Carolina A&T.

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Dos Equis

Barry Sanders

Okay, that last one may be reaching...but you knew what I was talkin' about.

There ain't too much more I need to say at this time. Except Friday's game vs. the Bob Johnson's is the biggest 'trap game' of the season. Looking to drank legally (catch up with the word play) knowing that next week holds games, back-to-back, against the Kobe's, the Boston Three Party (Scott Van Pelt is the shit) and the CP3 crew, respectively...I KNOW they won't overlook this game.

Man, friday night might be crunk in the city celebrating 21 w's in a row with the Kobe's coming to town Sunday...hmmm wonder if they'll hit the city early???
And there it is...

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[video] Super Shaq

I know today is Kobe Bryant Blog Day, but check out this stage-dive Shaq did the other night:

That was like from the three point line to the 3rd or 4th row!

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Dear Kobe

Truth be told, I've not been a Kobe Bryant fan. I don't know if it was the open devotion/mimicry of the G.O.A.T., the cocky swagger or just the dumb look on his face, but I listened to P.E. and didn't believe the hype. Over the last couple of years, however, I realized it was my own stubborn self, and not the hatred of Kobe of his game, that was driving me to dislike The Bean for whatever reason.

Maybe it was that I was brought up on Air Jordan, or maybe it was the mystique that is Shaq. Or it could be the origin of his first name making it easier for him to engage in wars of words with enemies and teammates. There are just certain things that are undeniable: The 3 NBA Championships. The (recent) 52-point game. The 81-point game. The NBA 1997 Slam Dunk Contest. Two All-Star Game MVP trophies. Being NBA All-Team every season since 1999. His dime-piece of a wifey. The 12 3-pointers. The list goes on...

I don't know if it's my getting older or Kobe growing more mature, but the last few seasons, especially with the Lakers on his back, have been different. He's got a more grown-man feel to his game and the overall way he handles himself. And with the Lakers sitting right up there with the Spurs in the West (thank God for Pau Gasol), it looks like the 2008 NBA Playoffs is going to be very interesting.

I'm not saying I am the complete Kobe fan - I don't look good in purple and gold. I am just apologizing to one of the dons of the modern-day NBA. While I do not wholly agree with your personality, I am downright in awe of your talent, and I have the utmost respect for your game on the court. Keep wowing us, Bean.


P.S.: Today is Kobe Bryant Blog Day. Shouts to Hardwood Paroxysm for putting this extravoganza together; check out the Kobe Bryant Blog Day running thread for all of the KB posts from around the NBA blogosphere.

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[video] LeBron With The Reverse Dunk

Peep King James with the reverse slam over the Pacers:

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[video] MC Baron Davis

Baron Davis, put the mic down:

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We Legal, Baby


you get the point...

We streakin' legally, son!

A very entertaining, spirited contest between Dem Rockets and the Hornets resulted in a 106-96 W for my boys. Hitting a season high 14 3-pointers, and a game high 41 from T-Macnificent, we hit the magical legal age for streakin'! Real talk, CP3 is the best PG in the game right now, this cat single-handedly kept N.O. in the game for as long as he could. 37 poontas and 11 dimes...if not for the 41 from T-Mac, would've sonned us.

Our next 3 games are against teams in the bottom half of the Eastern conference standings (Nets, Hawks, Bobcats respectively) and as long as we take each game at a time, I don't see how we're not celebrating the drankin' age (21) come next Sunday when the Kobe's come to town.

Funny how the Western Conference works. We were sitting in the 5 spot before the Dallas game, and now 2 wins later who's the 3 seed in the West...yeah you know who.

and there it is...

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Note To Jason Kidd

Dude, shut up. You are super-quick to cast the blame elsewhere (although your points are well-taken), when your trade has done nothing to help quiet the Dallas fans' anger. Especially given that, sans Dirk Nowitzki, you guys couldn't put the Rockets away last night. Think on that, pops.

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16...AND 1!

That expression on Skip's face says it all. After tonight's sound drubbing of the Mavs, the Rockets win streak now sits and a franchise long 17 wins in a row. Before any of you detractors say it, let me knock you down. No, Nowitski wouldn't have made much of a difference. The Mavs were definitely not the team that went toe-to-toe with the Kobe's on Sunday, but even with Dirk, they would've failed to stop the momentum train that is Dem Rockets, baby!
With Yao out for the rest of the season, and the scoring focus shifted entirely to T-Mac, it will take herculean efforts similar to the one from Skip tonight (season high 24 poontas and NO TURNOVERS!!) to keep this train on the tracks during the home stretch. With this 17 game winning streak, the focus has shifted from merely making the playoffs, to now, pushing for home court advantage in the first round...and, hell, let's make a run at the Spurs for the top spot as we're currently only 2 1/2 games out (only 1/2 game behind N.O. for the 3 spidot).

Next up, N.O. comes to the 'Yota center Saturday night as we strive to get legal...18 baby!

the game face is pleased!
and there it is...

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[video] One Armed Ballin'

This cat isn't letting something like having 1 arm stop him:

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Shaq: Bad For The Suns?

In this week's shocker, FOX Sports has an article saying that, based on his first seven games, Shaq's move to PHX is not looking so good for the Suns. No sh*t. Next thing they are going to report is that Jordan shouldn't have come back with the 4-5...

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[video] One Shot

Entourage's Emmanuelle Chriqui shot this short film, starring Baron Davis with short shorts and a New Edition soundtrack:

I have no words... looks like this is another edition of the Reebok/ifc series Framed.

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Draft Talk Already?

Draft talk, already? I know my Nets are doing pretty bad, but DAMN!

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[video] Kobe Drops 52

In their OT win last night against Jason Kidd's Mavs, Kobe started out slow... but ended up dropping 52 points on 'em, including 30 in the 4th:

I laugh seeing Kobe shake Kidd.

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[video] LeBron Beasts The Bulls

Check out LeBron with the serious power jam from yesterday's win over the Bulls:

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[video] Rudy Gay With The Double Clutch

Why he didn't do dunks like this at this year's Slam Dunk Competition is beyond me:

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