"De-vin Harris!"

I know it was only Milwaukee, but damn, I'm loving Devin Harris' 21-point debut for New Jersey last night. Have I forgotten about Jason Kidd? Not yet - but if Devin keeps it up like this, I might.

I will admit, I laughed watching a bit of the Mavs game last night - I like seeing Kidd lose. He is going to be no better off. I can see him wanting to get out of NJ, but all he is going to get is maybe one round further. Possibly...

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Artificial Intelligence

Random shot of Allen Iverson cheesin' with Ice T's wifey, CoCo. You think A.I. hit that? He got that muff-eatin' grin on.

I keed. Via the.LIFE files.

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Send it in, Tyson!

He was my boy when he was in the Chi...*sniff*.

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[video] LeBron scores 10,000th Point!

He is the youngest player in NBA history to do this (23 years, 59 days), and is the 9th fastest in the league to achieve this (368 games):

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S***, Damn, Motherf******

There was a reason why I hadn't posted anything about the recent run my Rockets were on. I just didn't want to jinx it. Low and behold I log on to ESPN.com on my celly during lunch earlier...and lost my dat gum appetite!

I haven't lost hope...faith...or any of that crap. In fact, I know that we're a better team right now than we were last year, when we played 32 games without Yao (and went 20-12). That's a .633 clip. Hell, if we play that kinda ball in the next 26 games before the playoffs, we'll go 16-10, finish 52-30...AND STILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS BABY!
Deke, get your azz ready to give us 15-18 minutes a game...we need that...and everyone else to play at the same level!

We still here, baby.
my pc is acting up...no pix right now.

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Sayonara, Yao-san

Looks like Yao's left-foot stress fracture is enough to keep him out for the season, and ultimately sink any dreams Rockets fans had about Houston getting into the Finals (chuckle).

Does this mean the Mavs have gained a better spot in the West?

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Air Jordan XX3 White / Stealth / Black Detailed Look

These don't hit the shelves until April 5th; what do you think?

Sneakerfiles via Marqueesole.

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Send it in, Beard Gooden!

This is that smash on Yao that I told you kids about. This will probably be the last bulls highlight for the rest of the season.

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NBA Live: Chicago bulls vs. Houston Rockets 2/24/08

Well, I finally saw a bulls game live in the flesh. Too bad it's about ten years too late. You may remember my F*** THE bulls post from a while back...well, I still feel that way about this year's team but my buddy Scott had gotten me tickets for tonight's contest a while back so I went ahead and went. The game played out exactly as I predicted.

[This was about as close it got all game long]

The first quarter was very lackluster and surprisingly the bulls hung close to the Rockets. The Rockets were getting to the free throw line but couldn't convert. They overcame that problem as the game wore on.

The second quarter featured more nonsense that I've already forgotten because the game was memorable for only a few reasons:

1) The bulls are really, really bad
2) The Rockets shot the lights out
3) The Rockets' Power Dancers are hot. I see ya, boo.

The third quarter featured Tracy "Half-Man, Half-Season" McGrady deciding to make a mockery out of anyone in a bulls uniform. Throughout the second half, he drilled jumper after jumper in the respective mugs of Luol Deng and Thabo Sefolosha. The smirk he wore on his face quietly infuriated me, but I already know that She-Mac will probably tear another labia later on this season so I stayed calm. More lack of details lets you know how horrible the bulls are. Beard Gooden did smash one pretty nasty on top of Yao's massive dome. That was the only bulls' highlight to speak of.

In the fourth quarter, She-Mac kept embarassing the bulls, Shane Battier shot 3's from the corner (surprise, surprise), and Bobby Jackson just plain lit it up. Game over, the bulls lose.

In closing, here are a few observations:

1)Beard Gooden's beard pulled down 4 rebounds and was the sole reason he was able to dunk on Yao Ming.
2)Larry Hughes took most of Ben Gordon's shots and shine. Not that he had much shine to begin with.
3)The bulls run the 'no offense' offense. And Larry Hughes and Beard Gooden ran the Cavs' offense while the bulls' ran their no offense which resulted in feces.
4)I see why the Cavs got rid of Larry Hughes and Beard Gooden. Beard Gooden makes stupid decisions and Larry Hughes takes stupid shots. See Hey Larry Hughes, Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots for more evidence.
5)The bulls have no shot at doing anything worth while this season. They have sunk to the realm of the league's mediocre teams.
6a)Eff the bulls.
6b)Eff She-Mac.

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Send it in, Russell!

UCLA's Russell Westbrook with the monster throw down over some dude from Oregon.

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Thanks for nothing, Ben Wallace.

The Ben Wallace era is over and we’re already better.

I am not ashamed to say that when I first heard that Ben Wallace going to be a bull, I told anyone with ears that the bulls were going to win the NBA Championship. I saw how hard we fought the Miami Heat in the 2006 playoffs and felt like we were almost there. Too bad the Ben Wallace that we got simply didn’t care anymore.

He was controversial from the start – everyone saw that his production was declining and questioned the sensibility of John Paxson for paying so much for the services of a 6’9” center that has little to no ability to score in the low post. Not to mention the fact that we shipped out a 20-something, 7-foot center who put up very similar numbers. Well, Ben came in and promptly caused a tiff based on his head band and the rest of the season was one long pout session for Ben Wallace. We swept the Heat and fell to Ben’s old squad in the second round of the 2007 playoffs. If the bulls played the Pistons every night, Ben might still be on the squad since those are the only times it seemed like he really and truly cared.

This season it was clear that all of the players had tuned out Scott Skiles and that attitude began with Ben Wallace. Even after Skiles was fired, thing didn’t turn around and John Paxson finally swung a deal to abort this failed experiment.

Wallace signed with the bulls to spite the Pistons. Detroit is where he really belongs and should have stayed, however the Pistons were not confident that his asking price was what they were willing to pay. Ben never looked comfortable in a bulls uniform and now he’s able to move on to a squad that will never ask him to provide leadership. Let’s face it, he’s not a leader anyways. Perhaps Lebron James will inspire Ben Wallace to find his game. I hope not.

With the players that we got from the Cavs, maybe we can turn things around and make a strong push for the playoffs. The East is as weak as ever, so hopefully we can squeak in. It really sucks to be back in a rebuilding mode, but this offseason we have the opportunity to get things back on track. Hopefully Hughes and Gooden work out; if not, then they can move on. We also need to see what's to become of Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Thabo Sefolosha, and Tyrus Thomas. They are the core of the team and it may be time to say goodbye to one of them.

Good riddance, Ben Wallace.

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Send it in, Chris!

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NBA All Star 2008 Mixtape

I know this is a little late, but eff it. Plus I ain't posted nothin' in a minute. I see ya, Khal.

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban hooked up a little mixtape for last weekend's All Star festivities; check the tracklist:

1. Fly Union-NBA All Star Glamour Life Intro
2. Shawty Lo Feat. Young Jeezy & Busta Rhymes-They Know Remix
3. Shawty Lo-They Know-DJ Wonder Remix
4. Enur Feat Ghostface & Natasja-Calbria-Mick Boogie Remix
5. Enur-Calbria-Sinusitis Remix
6. Rihanna & Michael Jackson-Dont Stop The Music-Terry Urban Remix
7. Janet Jackson Feat. Ciara-Feedback Remix
8. Ryan Leslie Feat. Kanye West-Diamond Girl-Mick Boogie Remix
9. Cassidy-Drink & My 2 Step-Cousin Cole Remix
10. Swizz Beatz-School Of Hard Knocks
11. Jay Z- Roc Boys Remix
12. Styles P Feat. Jadakiss & Sheek Louch-Blow Ya Mind Remix
13. Rick Ross Feat. Lil Wayne & T Pain-The Boss-Mick Boogie Remix
14. Missy Feat. Jay Z-Ching A Ling-Mick Boogie Remix
15. Mary J Blige Feat. Lil Wayne-Just Fine Remix
16. Daft Punk Feat. Kurtis Blow-Mr. Foot Long-Terry Urban Remix
17. Derek Gaskins Glamour Life Drop
18. Snoop Dogg Feat. John Legend-Neva Hafta Worry
19. C.R.S.-Us Placers
20. Kev Blaze Feat. Krayzie Bone-Watch How I Do This-Bonus Track
21. DJ G Spot Feat. Phoenix Jones- U Still Know-Bonus Track

Download now. Check a few snapshots from Lebron and Jay-Z's party that weekend.

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(Sacramento Kings) Cheerleaders Gone Wild

I guess with no Mike Bibby in Sactown anymore, the Kings cheerleaders had some free time to shoot some racy pics of them drinking... and showing their thongs:

Didn't know it was quite like THAT! Gotta love those "accidental" leaks...

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[video] Shaq As A Sun

This game is so talked about, NBA TV is already dropping highlights:

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[video] The Buzzer Beater

Peep this 8 year old make this 3-pointer:

I couldn't make that shot NOW!

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[video] "It's Not Geometry"

Jason Kidd is officially a Maverick:

Peace out, homey. I am sort of glad you are gone, although the Nets are now kind of wack. When's Vince Carter getting traded?!

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What The Fu..?!?!

I never understood cats who left their main pieces/wives for chicks that don't even stand up. Straight up and down, Joumana Kidd is a dime. What in the unbrushed hair is this trollup Kidd took to the "2 Kings" Party Jay-Z & LeBron James held?

I guess rumors about Joumana don't paint the best picture of her dealings, but damn she is a hottie. But, damn Kidd, you could have ANY female right now - why this reject?

Bonus Beats: NetsDaily has the round-up on what looks like possibly the final rough draft of this Nets-Mavericks trade sending Kidd to Dallas. Stephen A. Smith made a good point on Sportscenter earlier today: while the trade helps Dallas A LOT, they are still no better than #4 in the West, given recent trades like Shaq to the Suns and Gasol to the Lakers, alongside the already-ill Spurs. He actually said "if you made this trade to get past Golden State in the first round, more power to you!"

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[video] 2008 NBA All-Star Game Highlights

As you should know by now, the East beat the West, 134-128, with LeBron James grabbing the MVP trophy. Check out these NBA TV highlights:

That LeBron to Dwight Howard alley-oop was beautiful. There's loads more video from both on the court and behind the scenes; check out some of them:

D. Wade with the reverse lay-in:

LeBron with the SICK one-handed slam:

David West feeling that East Coast D [II]:

Kevin Garnett & D. Wade on the bench:

HOFer Bill Russell giving Dwight Howard some pointers:

LeBron slammin' over Dirk Nowitzki:

Looks like James is heated over this on-again/off-again Kidd trade talk!

Check out TrueHoop's First Cup: Monday for news from around the Web on the All-Star Game, and other beats around the NBA. I hope you guys enjoyed our coverage of the 2008 NBA All-Star Weekend.

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Even MORE NBA 2008 All-Star Kicks

Did you miss the post I did on Friday? Here's a few more, from the West:

Here's the Nike Zoom BB II Trash Talk, made for Steve Nash. I'm not feeling that pattern, kind of like how Nash wasn't feeling up to the 3-Point Shootout.

And check out Brandon Roy's Nike Zoom BB II. That "B ROY" insignia is dope, but that stitching on there is wack.

Got any others?

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Nike Zoom LeBron 5 All Star

Sneakerfiles has the detailed look on these monsters. At first I was like "whaaa", but I actually like these.

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[video] The Clang Heard 'Round The World

I was so sad when I saw this back in '02:


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[video] James & Kidd Attempt The Record

Jason Kidd and LeBron James tried to break the record that Chris Paul broke yesterday:

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Off To The A

Mike Bibby got sent to the Hawks yesterday for Tyronn Lue, Anthony Johnson, Lorenzen Wright & Shelden Williams, along with a second-round draft pick. Yeah, I'm not sure who most of those cats are, either. It's a good look for Atlanta, though, as long as Bibby is on his grind.

Bonus Beats: JD ft. Ludacris "Welcome To Atlanta":

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Chunk Up The Deuce

David Stern has been crying for two years over the dust-up with the Sonics' lease at their Seattle arena, and it looks like, in his "State Of The League" address, that he is still crying. My thing is like, OK, the Supersonics are set to bounce out of Seattle over monies owed/lost with their arena - instead of trying to persuade them and come to deals and what not, why not just find a new city? The Las Vegas Supersonics has a nice ring to it. Who knows.

I just wish they'd sort it out and shut up about it.

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Damn, Becky!

Did you check the Haier Shooting Stars competition last night? That chick Becky Hammon, from the San Antonio Shooting Stars, while lacking not necessarily curvy like I like 'em, is possibly one of the cutest WNBAers out there.

Sorry, I was just kind of shocked to find a WNBA baller who doesn't look like Snoop in the face.

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[video] NBA TV Highlights (2.16.2008)

Check out the rundown from last night's All-Star Saturday night:

Kapono was a beast in the 3-point shootout! And what happened to D. Wade?

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[video] Dwight Howard = Superman

Didn't we tell you that Dwight Howard had this one in the bag? I was rewatching this competition this morning on the DVR, and Dwight murked it. No one could touch his first dunk, then he put on the Superman cape for his 2nd?!?! Check this out:

You love how he threw the ball into the hoop, right? He put the practice in, and it showed! He also stated previously that he had some tricks up his sleeve, and he came with it!

If anyone can find video of that 2nd to last dunk he did, where he tipped the ball of the backboard with his left then jammed with the right, hit me up!

Who said the Dunk Competition was dead?

Bonus Beats: Here's the Sportscenter Highlights of the comp:

Even TrueHoop had to give the competition it's due.

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[video] Gerald Green's Birthday Cake Dunk

This was a thing of beauty - the fact that he had enough air to blow out the candle and still nail the dunk is serious. Damn shame he did this dunk so early - he might have gotten more votes if he pulled this one out later:

You almost had it, Gerald.

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[video] Chris Paul: Guinness Record Holder

Chris Paul broke the Guinness World Record by hitting 4 half-court shots in a minute during the Western Conference All-Stars practice on Saturday:

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[video] Rookies Vs. Sophmores Highlights

NBA TV's has the highlights from last night's Rookies Vs. Sophmores Game:

Gibson with 11 3's? WOW!

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[video] More Players On The Block?

More from AP's Brian Mahoney:

[video] Who Might Get Traded?

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Kobe: "I'll sit this one out"

Looks like, due to his injured finger, Kobe Bryant will not compete in the 2008 All-Star Weekend 3-Point Shootout (he is being replaced by Dirk Nowitzki). No word on if he will sit out of the big All-Star Game; this finger injury looks like it requires surgery - why risk it to floss some ugly sneakers?

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This Isn't Really Necessary...

...is it? Just because Keith Van Horn hasn't played since the 2005-06 season and hasn't put in his retirement papers, is he really something the Nets should package and accept instead of Devean George, or someone of equal caliber?

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More Nike 2008 All-Star Kicks

With the 2008 All-Star Weekend festivities crackin' off any minute now, Nike has been unleashing some special editions of their various Basketball lines:

This is the Nike Air Flight School sneaker made specifically for Caron "Tough Juice" Butler. These kicks include "Reptile Skin Pattern at the heel and toe box, Blue perforated Upper, and embroidered “3D”"... yikes.

Tony Parker will be rockin' these special Nike Zoom BB II's, which come with "perforated and reptile skin around the uppers, a Red embroidered TP at the heel, topping it off with White and Gold intertwined threads".

The Nike Air Max PV2 IV, made for the one like Paul Pierce is lookin' mighty fresh! These feature "a Silver upper, perforated toe box, interlocking P2 symbols on the inner liner, and the P2 logo at the heel", and are available TODAY at select Nike retailers.

There's a special edition Amare Stoudamire Air Max STAT 360 that has "“Still I Rise” on the liner, along with a pebbled leather upper with icons and phrases known to Amare Stoudemire"; these are also available TODAY at select Nike retailers.

Finally, Toronto's Chris Bosh has a pair of Nike Air Max Elite 2's that come sporting "all Patent Leather, almost 360 degree air bubble, and CB4 in Red at the heel", and are also available TODAY at Nike retailers.

Get your shoe game right for the big game.

related links:
Nike's 2008 All-Star East Kicks
Adidas All Star x Gabriel Urist - TS Pro Model
NBA 2008 All-Star Game Custom Fitted
Nike Zoom Kobe III: All Star Game 2008

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[video] Who Might Get Traded?

Looks like cats like Ron Artest, Andre Miller and Sam Cassell are among the handful of players who are on the block and might be in new uniforms before the Feb. 21st trade deadline:

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[video] Nike Zoom III Kobe Mozart Commercial

"harmony in the key of in your face"? SMH...

Not again, Kobe.

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Not So Fast, Kidd

Looks like Jason Kidd was set o go back to Dallas in a blockbuster trade that would have sent Kidd & Malik Allen to Dallas for Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse, Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop and Maurice Ager. George wasn't having that, though:

According to ESPN.com, Devean George, one of the five players expected to come to New Jersey in the deal, has unexpectedly exercised his right to block the trade, according to NBA front-office sources.

According to the Web site, sources said the teams verbally agreed to the deal earlier yesterday and were preparing to submit the trade for league approval. That's when George - who, according to ESPN.com, has a rare provision in his one-year contract - told the Mavericks he didn't want to be traded. George was in the Mavs' lineup last night.

Before the George news came down, the Kidd Era appeared to be coming to an end after the Nets agreed in principle yesterday to trade the unhappy point guard to the Mavericks for a package of players headed by 24-year-old Devin Harris.

So neph either didn't want to go down on NJ's sinking ship, which would now plummet faster without Kidd, or he REALLY loves Dallas.

Unless they persuade (read: pay off) George to change his mind, I doubt this trade going any further, and I would only imagine that Kidd's trade dreams for this year would become distant memories. Sorry, Jason!

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Will Ferrell & Heidi Klum

The viral promo for Semi-Pro is wild. More shots over at SI.

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A Jazze Phizzle Producshizzle

Looks like Jazze Pha & Ken Burns are linking up to remake the classic Cheech & Chong track "Basketball Jones":

Hip-Hop producer Jazze Pha and executive Kenny Burns have teamed with TNT Networks to remake the song "Basketball Jones," originally recorded by comedians Cheech & Chong.

Basketball Jones, which is a spoof of Brighter Side of Darkness’ song "Love Jones," was originally released in 1975.

The song, which was produced in less than two hours, features vocals by Jazze Pha with vocals by from singer Esther Dean and a spoken word rap by Burns.

Ken Burns on the mic? Wow. Look for this during the All-Star Weekend.

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[video] Kobe da Vinci

Here's the new video for the new Nike Zoom Kobe IIIs:

SMH @ Kobe as Leonardo da Vinci.

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Nike's 2008 All-Star East Kicks

Wow... I don't think I can truly make you understand how ugly I find both of these shoes, which Nike made with the Eastern Conference colorways for the 2008 All-Star Extravaganza:

Nike Zoom BB II
Nike Flight Windmill

Via Sneakerfiles.

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From MIA to PHX?

"Shaq, you stupid..."

So, the word is that Miami is all set to send Shaq to Phoenix for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks?!? This is obviously pending on medical examinations which could disrupt this whole trade, due to Shaq's broken body (do these exams test broken heart disease? how about broken ego syndrome), but wow. Why Shaq? Marion is set to be out, which I can understand, and I guess that, what, with Pau Gasol in L.A. (and lighting up my Nets with EASE), no one else was available? Shaq hasn't been SHAQ in a while. What's the draw?

I guess divorce will make an otherwise reasonable baller do some strange things.

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More Semi-Pro

Nah Right (via Woohah) has a poster looking like a classic basketball trading card of Andre Benjamin:

Yes, there are posters of Will Ferrell & Woody Harrelson as well. Ferrell's Bud Light commercial as Jackie Moon from the Super Bowl is classic as well:

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Adidas All Star x Gabriel Urist - TS Pro Model

Nothing says ugly like gold Adidas stripes. Apparently, Adidas and jeweler Gabriel Urist teamed up to create these hideous kicks for the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. How a grown man could sport these is beyond me...

highsnobiety.com (shouts to Euclid for the link)

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Peace Out, Jason (Collins)

You took hits. You never scored. Your lips were big and ashy. We will miss you, Jason Collins.

Side note: Do the Grizzlies have a death wish? They give up Pau Gasol and bring in Jason Collins? Isn't the idea to get BETTER with trades?

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[video] Bobby Knight resigns

I guess players don't have to worry about him beating their ass at will:

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Pau Gasol: The Lakers Savior?

Wow, just wow. Kobe has his 7 footer again, and Pau Gasol has just thrown the Lakers into the Finals... on paper. Things always look dope on paper, and the talk over the weekend over this trade has everyone rethinking the dons in the West. We shall see, though.

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[video] Jamario Moon: Dunk Contest Sneak Preview

WOW. Jamario Moon is NOT playing games this year. The first two dunks are dope, but check that last one (or, what you can see of it) - peep where he takes off:

I can't wait!

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