Big Baby, Forreal

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Alonzo Mourning & Lebron James On Unique Whips

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D. Wade Dunks On The Blazers

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Suns vs Rockets Fight (11/12/2008)

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Why Melo Cut His Hair

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Allen Iverson x Stephen A. Smith

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Kobe Bryant x Stephen A. Smith

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Obama's Hoops It Up On Election Day

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that President-elect Barack Obama was on his pick-up game forreal yesterday morning. I wonder if he's a Bulls fan?

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Kevin Johnson Wins Mayoral Race

I totally forgot KJ was running for Mayor of Sacramento.

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Twista x Tyrus Thomas Review NBA2K9

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Dwight Howard Dunks On Da Bulls

Damn E, how'd you let homey do this to your squad?!?!?

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Seriously... Iverson for Billups?!

Is Joe Dumars smoking that crack that has Bobby Brown's lip all jacked? I mean, I can totally understand wanting to shake up your squad, especially after a pair of disappointing Finals run last season. But on what planet does Dumars live on? Dumars is a cat who has accomplished so much as a player and in the head office; what is the line of thinking that makes a cat believe that adding Allen Iverson to the Pistons, while trading away Chauncey Billups AND Antonio McDyess, truly make the Pistons that hotter? A.I. is the truth, trust - he can ball, and will put up his numbers. But did he forget the disappointing runs in Philly and Denver? Seems like dead weight.

And for Billups, who has been such a consistent force for the Pistons!? I'm not seeing the need to risk that. Maybe Billups and Dumars had beef? Who knows. All I see is 1) Iverson being 33 yrs old and 2) Iverson having a bloated contract. We'll see how this one pans out...

ESPN tries to explain why, but I am still confused.

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After Six

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NBA Highlights x Top 10 (Halloween 2008)

Top 10:


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Rudy Gay With The Alley-Oop Slam

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Pree23 x Jordan XX3

Sickly, now? More info/pics over at the recently re-launched Sneakerfiles.

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NBA Highlights x Top 10 (10/30/2008)


Top 10

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[video] LeBron's One Handed Jam

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NBA TV Top 10: October 29th, 2008

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Yao Ming's Circus No-Look Shot

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NAB Highlights (Oct. 28th, 2008)

I swear I think I'm gonna avoid the Nets game tonight... but I doubt I will.

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Is Baron Davis Smashing Kate Hudson?

While this doesn't bother me (she suffers from NoAssAtAll), Hardwood Paroxysm isn't feeling this. At. All.

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[video] Sean Williams x Tim Westwood

Why Nets star Sean Williams was on Radio 1 is beyond me, but more power to him:

Rest in peace Pimp C.

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[video] Beno Udrih Breakin' Ankles

On Kobe no less:

We still out there... props to E for the assist.

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Air Jordan Chris Paul CP3 2009 Preview

Via Sneakerfiles.

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Not this time, Greece.

With the embarassment of losing to Greece in the 2006 World Championships, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade needed this win more than anyone else on the Redeem Team.

I watched the first half of the game before I had to bounce to work, but I was very impressed with what I saw: LeBron James imposing his will, Dwyane Wade being unstoppable, Chris Bosh manniing the post, Kobe Bryant hounding the was great.

The refs called 3 fouls on Jason Kidd in the first minute and a half, so he was finished before he could even break a sweat. It was all good because in the end, Team U.S.A. would not be denied. Especially not by a guy named Spanoulis. Great job, fellas.

Next up, those Spanish pussies.

Bryant, Bosh score 18 each as U.S. gets revenge

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Slant-Eyed Spanish Olympic Team

Why does this mock slant-eyed advert the Spanish team did look like they were telling a joke that included the term "go pee-pee in your milk"?

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Team USA's Olympic TV Schedule

I know a lot of you nakkas missed yesterday's 101-70 spanking Team USA handed to Yao and his Chinese team, so I figured I'd hit you with the Team USA TV Schedule that Dime posted on Friday:

Sunday August 10th, 10:15 AM EST
Team USA vs. China
Live on NBC

Tuesday August 12th, 8 AM EST
Team USA vs. Angola
Live on the USA Network at 8 AM

Thursday August 14th, 8 AM EST
Team USA vs. Greece
Live on the USA Network

Saturday August 16th, 10:15 AM EST
Team USA vs. Spain
Live on NBC

Monday August 18th, 8 AM EST
Team USA vs. Germany
Live on the USA Network

Depending on where Team USA places among the top four teams in their group, they start the quarter finals on Wednesday, August 20th. The order of the games hasn’t been determined yet, but the four games will be played at 2:30 AM EST, 4:45 AM EST, 8 AM, and 10:15 AM, all on the NBC Olympic Basketball channel.

The semifinals will be played on Friday, August 22nd at 8 AM EST and 10:15 AM EST, live on NBC.

The Gold Medal game will be Sunday, August 24th at 2:30 AM live on NBC. Hopefully we don’t have to worry about the Bronze Medal game at Midnight on the 24th.


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Liveblog: Team USA vs. China

Guess who's actually dropping a post on HYSMD?!? Yeah, I know I've been superslackin' on my macking, but the bulls crushed my love for basketball and then Kobe killed it by getting mashed by the Celtics. Anyways, I'm here to semi-live blog the game along with my best friend Kene via text messaging. Here's our observations on USA vs. China.

Enigmatik - The game is coming on!

Kene - I know. I'm so hype right now. I can't wait for LeBron to get a breakaway dunk as George Bush stands up with a thumbs down to say "Finish him!"

They will not blow out the Chinese. If they do, the Chinese president will say "Finish them!"

We'll find out who the real dictator is this morning

Oh shit windmill!

I can't believe they played the NBA on NBC music

Damnit, why did they have to do this to Yao

Hell yeah they dusted that shit off

Yao MUST not get dunked on

I know Yao and getting dunked on is inevitable

Damnit they should have played Angola in the first game

They should've, its an Olympic tradition

Yao has waited his whole get dunked on and lose by 30 on his home court

What the fuck! Pres. Bush in the huddle


Yao for 3! What the fuck

Yao gets dunked on by Dwight Howard

Told ya.

LeBron James draws the blocking foul

I'm surprised that wasn't a charge. I know more about LeBrons weight and height than I do about myself

LeBron pins some poor Chinese dude's shot against the glass, while on the other end Yao Ming swats Kobe Bryant

Pinned that shit. Kobe got his shit packed

Pinned it with his head

It looked nasty in HD

There are chances for a lot of fastbreaks because the Chinos are too slow

Are there four ten minute quarters or two halfs?

4 10 min quarters

Kobe got done up just now

Tru dat

The refs are calling bullshit

Ni hao...Welcome to China

We need a black head coach or at least one who doesn't have a penchant for choking

Noel Richardson would suffice.

A chart pops up on the screen showing the significant decline in the U.S. margin of victory beginning with the Dream Team's 43 point per game margin of victory all the way to the 2004 Olympic team's margin of victory of 4 points per game

Look at how the victory margin has dropped

U.S. is going into the half with a double digit lead. Got 'em coach

Yep ten points

LeBron tries to do a no-look spin move pass

Who LeBron think he be?

Skip To My Lou


Oh shit!!!


Another Chinese 3 pointer...

Gotdamn these Chinese are raining 3s

They must think they're at LA Fitness or something

Yao got pissed! With the hook!

Kobe hasn't done shit yet

Yet another Chinese 3 pointer...

Bussin' ass!


A ref calls palming on a Chinese player...

That ref will be executed after the game

And it will be on the Chinese Youtube

Kobe gets two nice dunks

In my face

Now he's doin sumthin

I want a damn Beijing polo shirt and some J's to match

I want a Chinese throwback jersey


Ohhhh sheeeiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!

*Kene calls*





Lebron James easily has the most "Oh shit!" moments in this game

Hell yeah, I'm going out and getting a LeBron jersey today!

*hangs up* Chris Bosh dunks on some Chinese guy


*Crowd shot of the U.S.A. Women's team.*

Let's face it. The Lisa Leslie era is over.

Sue Bird is still the shit although I won't be surprised if she's gay

Long live Candace Parker. My boo. You should un-gay Sue Bird fool

US goes to the half up 12.

I wish I had some Pei Wei right now. Or maybe some PF Changs.

Kobe Bryant gets a nice dunk


And another block from LBJ

People are gonna start saying he's better than Kobe for real

Yi Jilian smashes a put back dunk on Carmelo's dome

Oh shit! Melo got mashed on!

Carmelo dunked it in!

LOL, yeah that'll be the official statement from the U.S.

Ha, look at him try and get revenge

Obama will make a constitutional amendment that LeBron is better than Kobe

Howard got swatted

Doug Collins pops a boner at the thought of what type of football player LeBron could've been

The inevitable football comment for LeBron

I wonder what kind of cricket player LeBron would be

He's naturally blessed to be a great equestrian

He's a godsend in the sport of archery

Wade tries to go for the steal...

Wade gambles so much you'd think he was in the World Series of Poker

Or the World Series of Dice Shooting

Ashy Wade

China's #10 is about to get done up

Tayshaun isn't getting in

Yao falls and is slow getting up


No Yao!

Shot of Deron Williams checking into the game with his awkward looking beard...

Deron Williams looks like he just started growing facial hair. That's a rookie beard.

It's for the China bitches. He needs to look as black as possible in order to get some ass

Doug Collins makes at least his third or fourth reference to when he was a young bright eyed boy at the Olympics in Munich back in the 1800's

Damn tell Doug Collins to shut up about the old days. We get it. you were an Olympian.

But back then the world was flat

And black people didn't exist

Tayshaun got in

Team China has suddenly gone on a drought and the U.S. lead is growing...

Those threes are not falling for China anymore

Yeah the shoot nothing but 3s strategy stopped working

Look at all the Secret Service men

That arena might be the most secure place on Earth right now

Even George Bush is carrying a gun

He's been packiin a gat...what y'all know about them Texas boys

Yao checks out of the game and gives a salute to his this point, his team is down by about 30

Yao happy to get blasted by 30

One of the commentators states that Yao "can hold his head up high"

"Yao can hold his head up high?" For losing by 30? C'mon....these guys are here to win. Don't patronize them

Damn fool you make him sound like a porn whore

Well Team U.S.A. did gang bang them

Team USA has 89 points with a little under 3 minutes left to play...

We better score 100

We won't

I want my free egg roll

Confucious say: where da bitches at?

Waiting at the olympic village butt ass ass butt ass naked

Five more points. what type of egg roll do you want

Steamed beef. Tayshaun obviously hates Kobe

You better get in line. 1.3 billion are ahead of you

Game over...Team U.S.A. 101, China 70.

I'm just now noticing that there are no white boys on the U.S.A team. God bless America

But most of the coaches are white, so remember who is still in charge

Tru dat. Double tru.

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[video] Carmelo's Way DVD Trailer

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Road To Redemption Episodes 1-4

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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[video] Ron Artest Guarantees Rockets Championship

Via The Rap Up.

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[video] Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

Via Alex @ Killer Beez, by way of YOU BEEN BLINDED.

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[video] NBA Summer League Top 10 Plays

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[video] WNBA Brawlin'

Jacked from The Rap Up.

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[video] NBA Live '09 Features

Check out the NBA Live 365 feature:

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Starbury Tatoo

Why? Via Smarten Up Nas.

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[video] OJ Mayo From 69 Feet

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Old Man Clothes

Come on... with your salaries, you can't get flier clothes? Via The YBF.

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MP3: Just Blaze "Team USA Anthem"

MP3: Just Blaze "Team USA Anthem"

Jacked from Enigmatik's post over at BGDB.

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DJ Statik Selektah The Champs Are Here Vol. 3 Mixtape

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


01 - Statik Selektah’s Banner 17 Intro
02 - Frankie Wainwright “The Champs Are Here” Freestyle
03 - Termanology “I Shine (To Whom It May Concern)” (produced by J Hunt)
04 - Reks “Say Goodnight” (produced by Dj Premier)
05 - 360 Infinite ft Lou Armstrong “Watch Me”
06 - Termanology “Talking To God”
07 - Statik Selektah ft. Reks, Termanology & Krumbsnatcha “Big Dreamers (Lawtown Mix)”
08 - Slaine “Mistaken Identity” (produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff)
09 - Roc Dukati & Smoke Bulga ft Max B “U Dont Know”
10 - Supastar LT - Get Money
11 - Granite State ft Evidence of Dilated Peoples “One Shot”
12 - Krumb Snatcha “This Feeling” (produced by the Beatminerz)
13 - Big Shug “Muf#cka” (produced by Dj Premier)
14 - Chi Knox & Reks “Swagger” (produced by Soul Theory)
15 - St. Da Squad “The Burial” (produced by Fizzy Womack)
16 - JFK “Bleed Green” (produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff)
17 - Dre Robinson & Termanology “U Already Know” (produced by DC for Showoff)
18 - Reks ft Lil Fame of MOP “All In One (5 Mics)” (produced by Blaze P for Showoff)
19 - Frankie Wainwright “Monsta” (produced by Masspike Miles)
20 - Singapore Kane ft Big Shug “Take It Personal” (produced by MoSS)
21 - Dj 2thirteen Interlude
22 - Lucky Dice “Chained to the Game” (produced by J Cardim)
23 - G Eyez ft J Tronius “All That You Are”
24 - Cyrus Da Zine “Beantown NY” (produced by J Cardim)
25 - DL “License To Kill”
26 - Proph Bundy ft. Kool Gzus & Mane Da Rolla “Greezy”
27 - Mall G ft Max B “Pocket Full of Stones”
28 - Statik Outro
29 - BONUS: Masspike Miles ft Rick Ross “Get It Together”

Via 2DB.

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Gunnin' For That #1 Spot Trailer

Via Woohah!.

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[video] 2008 NBA Draft Recap

I'm still trippin' over Richard Jefferson being dealt to the Bucks... but you know how that goes. We did pick up Brook Lopez though!

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[video] New Shaq Freestyle

Word is he's dissing Kobe here. The question is: do you give a sh*t?:


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[video] KG & Jesus On Letterman

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[video] Boston Wins 17th Title

Did the Lakers even show up last night? Congrats to Doc Rivers and the whole Celtics squad for a storybook season.

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Lakers Fans Beatdown

Gotta love when a whole arena is beating on one poor sap with a Larry Bird jersey on. Celtics in 6?

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[video] Kobe Needs A Beer

With the way they blew that lead last night, I'd need to get a lil' drunk too:

This fool said 20 shots LOL!

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Ron Artest "All Around The World"

Ron Artest "All Around The World": Ron Artest's rap career is really, um, taking off. I got an e-mail asking me to be on the look out for more music/freestyles from him, including a DJ Drama mixtape.

Yes, I'm scared too.

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[video] Ray Allen's No Look, Over The Shoulder

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[video] Bball in Black & White

Clip from the forthcoming Ballin' at the Graveyard documentary:

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There Can Only Be One: Kobe and KG

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NBA Live '09 Predicts NBA Finals 2008 Winner

Of course, Kobe ended up the MVP, averaging 29 points a game. More info here. (NBA Live '09 is in stores October 7th)

In more roundball video game news, the cover for NBA 2K9 will be revealed during the pre-game show leading up to tomorrow night's Game 1 (8:30PM EST on ABC). 2K Sports has a site,, where you can predict who will be on the cover of this new game, which will be in stores Fall 2008.

Props to CJ for the heads up.

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Flip Saunders: Fired

Flip Saunders has been fired by the Pistons organization, and the boy Enigmatik presented this question to me: what if Avery Johnson was given that Detroit Head Coach position? An all-black starting 5 + Avery at the helm + Joe Dumars in the executive suite = khal being a Pistons fan. Call me racialist, I dare you.

E thinks they would need to change their colors to black & blue, but I like the red/black/green combo of the Detroit Black Pistons, with Elzhi's "Motown 25" as their theme music.

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'Sheed = Swole

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Too Tall To Ball

ABC reports: "An Oregon basketball player is being kicked out of her basketball league -- all because she's a girl. 12-year-old female basketball prodigy won't be playing with the boys. Jaime Nared may be only 12 years old, but she's called a basketball powerhouse by teammates and already stands over 6 feet tall. Jaime is such a good basketball player her coach and parents decided she should play in the boys' league. "I think I do a little bit better when I play with the boys," said Jaime, "because I push myself even harder playing with them." Her coach said the other players' parents were fine when Jaime joining the team until she outshone their sons on the court. "They were great ... until she blocked the first shot. Then they were like, 'Hey, we don't want this big kid coming out and making us look bad,'" said Michael Abraham, Jaime's coach. After parents complained, The Hoop, a private league that organizes the games, told Jaime she could no longer play with the boys, citing a rule that bars mixed-gender teams. "

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If You Root Against a Lakers - Celtics Finals, You're a Hater

Apparently, Jemelle Hill thinks that we should all be rooting for a Spurs/Pistons Finals match-up because it would shut up all of the conspiracy theorists who say that the league is trying its best to get Lakers/Celtics match-up. She also goes on to say that the Pistons and Spurs would be "our core sports values at work", Tim Duncan is "perhaps the best player of his generation", and that "If you love teams that win because of their commitment to team basketball, root for Pistons-Spurs. If you're sick of seeing basketball dominated by And-1 wannabes, root for Pistons-Spurs."

Jemelle, what the hell are you smoking?

The conspiracy theorist, most often than not, is also commonly referred to as a "hater." Would the league (and the general public) rather see the Pistons and Spurs battle it out in 7 games with scores that barely crack the 50s or would the league (and everyone except for citizens of Detroit and San Antonio) rather see the leagues two most storied franchises battle it out for basketball supremacy? It's like asking Major League Baseball if they'd like to see the Red Sox and Yankees square off every year in the post season versus having the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Kansas City Royals. The reason why the final four in the NBA are in the position they are in is not because they were helped out along the way, it is because they are simply better than everyone they've faced. And yes, the Lakers got Pau Gasol for a roll of medical tape and some hot sauce, but if the two teams agreed to the trade and it was approved, then that's what it is. The fact that Isiah Thomas destroyed the team with the largest media market should stand as strong proof that the league isn't trying to rig things.

As far as our core sports values being at work, when the hell did flopping like there's no tomorrow (see San Antonio Spurs) become a core sports value? When did making it to the conference finals six years in a row and only winning one world championship but acting like you've won the title six years in a row become a core sports value? Detroit is the same frachise who's fans almost killed the league a few years back when they decided to use an opposing player for a trash can. San Antonio is also the same franchise who's fans broke into a chant of "Horry! Horry!" when Cheap Shot Rob nailed David West in the back and left him motionless on the court. Yeah, they're some real class acts.

While I will not dispute the fact that Tim Duncan is among the best players of his generation, I'm still rolling with Kobe Bryant as THE best. Tim Duncan has played like a superstar when his team needed him, but it's not like he was playing alongside some scrubs. Kobe has been a transcendent talent and is one ring away from matching Duncan's championship total.

"If you love teams that win because of their commitment to team basketball, root for Pistons-Spurs." Seriously? Have you even seen the Lakers and Celtics play this season? The Laker's triangle offense is back to prime form and the way they run a fast break is among the league's best. If it wasn't for the Celtics absolute commitment to team basketball, they wouldn't be two wins away from the Finals right now. It's also safe to say that any team who is "playing like And-1 wannabes" is watching the playoffs at home right now (and didn't make it to begin with).

To be fair to Jemelle, she explains that she is a native of Detroit and would love to see the hometown team make it to the Finals. However, her article is just absolutely ridiculous. After such an outstanding season of basketball, a Spurs-Pistons championship would be the worst possible outcome.

Jemelle, put the haterade down!

America should be pulling for Pistons-Spurs

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Mamba strikes again

Kobe had 2 points in the first half...the Spurs led by as many as 20 points during the game...this douche bag in the restaurant proclaimed that if the Spurs won game 1 that they would win the whole series...then Kobe took over.

25 Points later, Kobe Bryant had every Spurs fan on the planet feeling sick to their stomach.

Game, set, and match. Holla at y'all in Game 2.

(Eff the Spurs, by the way.)

Kobe sons the Spurs

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[video] Jay-Z at the NBA Draft Lottery

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No Comment

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There Can Only Be One: Kobe-Duncan

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The Bulls WIN!!!! (The Draft Lottery)

Thank you, God!!!

In your FACE,Pat Riley!

Everything happens for a reason...we were garbage all year long and didn't show any resemblence to BULLS basketball. Well, now we have an outstanding opportunity to make a huge turnaround. The number 1 pick WILL change our franchise for the better, and much sooner rather than later.

My mind tells me to get Beasley since we NEED an inside presence. But knowing the bulls as well as I do, they'll probably pick Derek Rose. If they do that, they need to package either Hinrich or Gordon along with someone else for a true inside presence.

Oh yeah, a coach would be nice too.

It feels good to have a reason to cheer on a team that isn't even in the playoffs right now.

BULLS in '09!

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Jay-Z: Nets' NBA Draft Lottery Rep


Nets investor and music executive Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter will represent the Nets at the NBA Draft Lottery tomorrow, Tuesday, May 20, at the studios of NBA Entertainment in Secaucus, NJ. The Draft Lottery will be televised live on ESPN from 8 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons.

Carter will be one of 14 team representatives to be seated on the stage when NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver announces the winning order of teams participating in the Draft Lottery. The NBA Draft will be held on June 26.

“This is very exciting and I hope my nickname ‘Lucky Lefty’ holds up,” said Carter.

I might actually watch this. Will he be freestyling on Jason Kidd or something?

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Snoop Dogg ft. Kurupt "Lakers Theme"

Snoop Dogg ft. Kurupt "Lakers Theme" (MP3)

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[video] Kevin Johnson For Mayor?

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[video] Kirilenko's Buzzer-Beating Tip In

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Charles Barkley Is A Dumbass

His words, not ours.

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[video] Spurs Backcourt Scores 62

Bought time they won one over the Hornets.

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There Can Only Be One: Fisher-Williams

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There Can Only Be One: Parker-Stojakovic

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[video] There Can Only Be One: Garnett-LeBron

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All Access: LeBron James

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Strut Your Stuff


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There Can Only Be One: Bryant-Boozer

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KB24 - MVP

Kobe Bean is the illest.

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Throwin' Bows

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[video] There Can Only Be One: Billups and Howard

This series is gonna be dope.

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[video] There Can Only Be One: Duncan & Paul

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Air Jordan Flight 23 White / Metallic Silver - Blue Ribbon - Varsity Red

I am in love. These hit shops on May 10th, although if you hit up eBay, there are loads available right now. Plus, they are much better looking than this awful colorway.

Via Sneakerfiles.

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Is Paul Pierce A Blood?

OK so you saw him throw up a "B" right? Now, I'm not a Blood, but I used to be cool with Bloods, and it looks like Paul Pierce threw up their B. I've also seen that there are Bloods factions up in Boston (like everywhere else) - plus, dude is from Cali! Now, I laughed because I figured "nah, homey really isn't Blooded, is he?", but this apparently became a serious incident:

Now, the video they showed at the end, it looks like Paul is mimicing shooting dice! I mean, I know mad Bloods and cats in the hood in general who shoot dice. I don't see how that slow-mo video proved their point.

LMFAO @ "blood, sweat and tears", though. He could have at least said "I'm throwing up a 'B' for Boston pride" or some nonsense. In the first video, he was pissed, upset at how he got played, and looks like he threw up a B in retaliation, like "don't be slippin' once the game let's out".

What do you think? Was it worth a $25G fine? Check out this article from The Boston Globe for more insight.

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How Do You Destroy A Basketball Team?

You put Michael Jordan in the front office and make Larry Brown your head coach. Why do I not see this going well at all? Who thinks Larry will even last one year?

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RIP Will Robinson

HYSMD sends our condolences to the family in light of the recent passing of Will Robinson, who was the first Black coach of a Division I College, as well as the talent scout who brought both Joe Dumars and Dennis Rodman (and, arguably, the 1989 & 1990 NBA Championships) to the Pistons. He was 96.

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[video] Joe Johnson Owns The 4th

ATL's Joe Johnson was all business in the 4th, dropping 20 (of 32) points on the Celtics and evening their series to 2 games apiece. Who expected the Hawks to be neck & neck with Boston? Same thing for the 76ers/Pistons series. Check out these videos:

Joe doing the damn thing in the 4th:

Killer Crossover b/w Dagger Three:

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[video] STOP WITH THE "There Can Only Be One"

Christ, how many more of these will there be!?:

Tracy McGrady vs. Carlos Boozer:

Manu Ginobli vs. Steve Nash:

Jason Kidd vs. Chris Paul:

Derek Fisher vs. Marcus Camby:

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Jay-Z "Blow The Whistle"

Jay-Z "Blow The Whistle" [MP3]

Jay-Z throws his hat into the ring on this LeBron James/DeShawn Stevenson 'rivalry'. Such an odd beef, but whatever, makes for good publicity, no?

Via Nah Right.

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[video] New "There Can Only Be One"

New edition of the "There Can Only Be One" series, from arguably one of the most surprising series in this year so far. Props to Rip Hamilton and Andre Iguodala for making some great games:

EDIT: Damn, they're serious about these...

Dwight Howard & Chris Bosh

Antwan Jamison & Ben Wallace

Paul Pierce & Mike Bibby

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[video] Obama's Got Next

I saw Obama hoopin' on the latest episode of REAL Sports, and here he is again, in Indiana, getting his pick-up on:

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[video] Kenny Smith Jumps An Aston Martin?


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Nets' TV Ratings Plummet

Not even these fly skimmies could get the Nets' fans tuning in:

It was only two years ago that the Nets beat the Knicks in local television ratings for the first time. But even with the Knicks having their worst season ever, the Nets’ ratings on YES were the worst for any NBA team on a regional sports network. The Nets only averaged .44 rating, a 41% decline. That works out to an average audience of about 30,000 households. The Knicks dropped 31% to a 0.98 mark, meaning the Knicks’ local TV audience was still more than twice as big as the Nets this season.

I am not surprised - I was one of those fans who stopped tuning in. Can't help it - by the time the All-Star Weekend came around, their focus was all but gone, and so was mine. Via NetsDaily.

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Isiah Thomas: Fired

Most deserving and unshocking firing in a while:

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[video] NBA Playoffs 2008 Previews

Here are a few pieces that the NBA has done about the first round match-ups for this year's playoffs:

Celtics vs Hawks

Magic vs Raptors

Suns vs Spurs

Sixers vs Pistons

Wizards vs Cavaliers

Jazz vs Rockets

Nuggets vs Lakers

Hornets vs Mavericks

Games start tomorrow. Who you got?

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[video] "I'm Truly Sorry"

Carmelo Anthony apologizes for his recent DUI:

"Kinda bad timing"? Dude, understatement of the month!

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Gunnin' For That #1 Spot

Via Wooohah!:

Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch (aka MCA) officially launched his own film studio Oscilloscope Records in February as he continues to develop his talents as a film director and producer. His first picture under Oscilloscope is a documentary called Gunnin' For That #1 Spot and follows eight current NCAA basketball stars (and soon to be NBA lottery picks) such as UCLA's Kevin Love, Kansas St.'s Michael Beasley and Jerryd Bayless of Arizona...

Documentary follows them as high schoolers as they prepare for the ultimate high school tournament "The Elite 24" hosted at the legendary New York Rucker's Park and deals with the pressures and dreams of a top high school basketball athlete. Gunnin' For That #1 Spot premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival end of this month and releases in theaters on June 27th. Check out the website for more details.

I'd definitely check this out.

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[video] "There Can Only Be One" Again

None of these with the Pistons, eh? Here's arguably two of the league's illest point guards right now, Steve Nash & Jason Kidd:

[video] More "There Can Only Be One"
[video] There Can Only Be One

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Carmelo: Why?

What's really good, 'Melo? What were you doing driving drunk? Why mess up the Nuggets chances to make that 8th seed?:

Anthony was driving south on Interstate 25 at around 4 a.m. when he was pulled over and taken into custody. Denver police said he was driving a silver Mercedes and was stopped for failing to drive in a single lane and failing to dim lights. Several Denver media outlets reported that he was given a Breathalyzer test.

Is that even necessary? Or is it that you ain't give a f**k? You almost had one year trouble-free.

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[video] The Fire Isiah Thomas Rap

Damn, the First Cousins really dislike Zeke, huh? I have a feelin' this might come too fruition:

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[video] Kobe Jumps An Aston Martin

Kids, don't try this at home:

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[video] More "There Can Only Be One"

Dwight Howard and Chris Paul get their "There Can Only Be One" on:

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[video] There Can Only Be One

Nice promos from the NBA. You can just feel the Playoffs in the air, right?!

LeBron James and Kevin Garnett

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal

I like these. Especially since they did two cats in the East and two in the West.

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NBA Hall Of Fame: Class of 2008

The inductees were presented yesterday. Do you think they got it right? Give us your thoughts before they are enshrined September 4th through September 6th, 2008.

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[video] Iguodala Is Meaner

Andre is a monster:

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[video] Jason Richardson Is Mean

Peep this mean dunk from Jason Richardson on Rasho Nesterovic:

He ain't gotta do him like that!

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March Madness

Man...yesterday had some great games. Memphis is the real deal, folks. I doubted them but they have made a believer out of me. Check out this ridiculous smash by Chris Douglas-Roberts on Kevin Love (You ain't have to point at him afterwards, Joey orsey...just kidding, yes you did):

Memphis handled UCLA rather easily. From top to bottom, their team is ridiculously athletic and just plain bigger than their competition. I don't know how they managed to lose to Tennessee, but they're about to give Kansans some fits.

Speaking of the Jayhawks...

WOW! They put a beatdown on North Carolina somethin' serious! Thanks, Tar Heel bracket is officially dead now that you're on the bus back to Chapel Hill. I wasn't as cold as the boy Billy Packer though...There were roughly seven minutes left to play in the first half and that fool said that the game was over. Don't believe me? Juslisen:

Coldblooded! For all intents and purposes, the game really was done though. North Carolina gave it a great effort in the second half but the hole that they were in was just too deep to climb out of.

Monday night's matchup is going to be a great one. Look for the team who has the best backcourt production to leave San Antonio with the hardware. Mark my words.

Recap - Kansas sons Roy Williams and the Tar Heels
Recap - Memphis beatfaces UCLA

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[video] Breakin' Ankles

Blast from the past! Randolph Childress with the ill crossover, circa 1995:

Shouts to E for the find.

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[video] Shot Of The Year?

Rudy Gay from behind the backboard:

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[video] J.R. Rider: Grand Theft Auto?

While I did not see this one coming, I am somehow not surprised at all:

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[video] LeBron IV, Episode 9

Check out this video about the making of the LeBron IV shoe. This features some dope music, too, all originally produced by Khrysis (the track "Next Level" with Torae, which was made spcifically for this project, is featured):

I think I missed episodes 1-8, though...

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Chris Webber: Calling It Quits

Chris Webber, a man some say is one of the greatest power forwards of all time, is set to retire today, due to nagging knee problems. And I am none the happier. My man went from the Fab Five (and the infamous time-out) to an almost-ran, who, while averaging 20 points a game throughout his career, was also a burden for some teams (think Philadelphia). I don't know what it was about Webber, but I went from riding for him when he first joined to down-right loathing of him, just for living. Or maybe it was the string of arrests and weed found on his person (he was obviously big before the invention of the weed-carrier).

Get your knee fixed, duke - and stay out of the NBA.

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Adidas TS Lightswitch Gil II Zero x Gilwood

For $90, you can be one of 3000 lucky owners of a special edition Adidas TS Lightswitch Gil II Zero x Gilwood that pays homage to the city of Los Angeles, a place which Gilbert Arenas was born, raised and still has love for. Peep the colorway. Looks like these will be released globally on March 30th, 2008, the day in which the Lakers play the Wizards. Nice touch.

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Reebok Pump Slam Dunk Contest Anniversary Pack

Looks like Reebok is taking it back with the re-release of the Omni Lite Pumps that Dee Brown won during the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest. This new pack will also feature Pumps commemorating the 1993 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (one that featured both Kenny Smith AND Harold Miner), and are numbered to '1993' instead of '1991'. More info over at Sneakerfiles.

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