Is Paul Pierce A Blood?

OK so you saw him throw up a "B" right? Now, I'm not a Blood, but I used to be cool with Bloods, and it looks like Paul Pierce threw up their B. I've also seen that there are Bloods factions up in Boston (like everywhere else) - plus, dude is from Cali! Now, I laughed because I figured "nah, homey really isn't Blooded, is he?", but this apparently became a serious incident:

Now, the video they showed at the end, it looks like Paul is mimicing shooting dice! I mean, I know mad Bloods and cats in the hood in general who shoot dice. I don't see how that slow-mo video proved their point.

LMFAO @ "blood, sweat and tears", though. He could have at least said "I'm throwing up a 'B' for Boston pride" or some nonsense. In the first video, he was pissed, upset at how he got played, and looks like he threw up a B in retaliation, like "don't be slippin' once the game let's out".

What do you think? Was it worth a $25G fine? Check out this article from The Boston Globe for more insight.

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How Do You Destroy A Basketball Team?

You put Michael Jordan in the front office and make Larry Brown your head coach. Why do I not see this going well at all? Who thinks Larry will even last one year?

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RIP Will Robinson

HYSMD sends our condolences to the family in light of the recent passing of Will Robinson, who was the first Black coach of a Division I College, as well as the talent scout who brought both Joe Dumars and Dennis Rodman (and, arguably, the 1989 & 1990 NBA Championships) to the Pistons. He was 96.

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[video] Joe Johnson Owns The 4th

ATL's Joe Johnson was all business in the 4th, dropping 20 (of 32) points on the Celtics and evening their series to 2 games apiece. Who expected the Hawks to be neck & neck with Boston? Same thing for the 76ers/Pistons series. Check out these videos:

Joe doing the damn thing in the 4th:

Killer Crossover b/w Dagger Three:

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[video] STOP WITH THE "There Can Only Be One"

Christ, how many more of these will there be!?:

Tracy McGrady vs. Carlos Boozer:

Manu Ginobli vs. Steve Nash:

Jason Kidd vs. Chris Paul:

Derek Fisher vs. Marcus Camby:

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Jay-Z "Blow The Whistle"

Jay-Z "Blow The Whistle" [MP3]

Jay-Z throws his hat into the ring on this LeBron James/DeShawn Stevenson 'rivalry'. Such an odd beef, but whatever, makes for good publicity, no?

Via Nah Right.

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[video] New "There Can Only Be One"

New edition of the "There Can Only Be One" series, from arguably one of the most surprising series in this year so far. Props to Rip Hamilton and Andre Iguodala for making some great games:

EDIT: Damn, they're serious about these...

Dwight Howard & Chris Bosh

Antwan Jamison & Ben Wallace

Paul Pierce & Mike Bibby

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[video] Obama's Got Next

I saw Obama hoopin' on the latest episode of REAL Sports, and here he is again, in Indiana, getting his pick-up on:

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[video] Kenny Smith Jumps An Aston Martin?


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Nets' TV Ratings Plummet

Not even these fly skimmies could get the Nets' fans tuning in:

It was only two years ago that the Nets beat the Knicks in local television ratings for the first time. But even with the Knicks having their worst season ever, the Nets’ ratings on YES were the worst for any NBA team on a regional sports network. The Nets only averaged .44 rating, a 41% decline. That works out to an average audience of about 30,000 households. The Knicks dropped 31% to a 0.98 mark, meaning the Knicks’ local TV audience was still more than twice as big as the Nets this season.

I am not surprised - I was one of those fans who stopped tuning in. Can't help it - by the time the All-Star Weekend came around, their focus was all but gone, and so was mine. Via NetsDaily.

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Isiah Thomas: Fired

Most deserving and unshocking firing in a while:

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[video] NBA Playoffs 2008 Previews

Here are a few pieces that the NBA has done about the first round match-ups for this year's playoffs:

Celtics vs Hawks

Magic vs Raptors

Suns vs Spurs

Sixers vs Pistons

Wizards vs Cavaliers

Jazz vs Rockets

Nuggets vs Lakers

Hornets vs Mavericks

Games start tomorrow. Who you got?

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[video] "I'm Truly Sorry"

Carmelo Anthony apologizes for his recent DUI:

"Kinda bad timing"? Dude, understatement of the month!

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Gunnin' For That #1 Spot

Via Wooohah!:

Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch (aka MCA) officially launched his own film studio Oscilloscope Records in February as he continues to develop his talents as a film director and producer. His first picture under Oscilloscope is a documentary called Gunnin' For That #1 Spot and follows eight current NCAA basketball stars (and soon to be NBA lottery picks) such as UCLA's Kevin Love, Kansas St.'s Michael Beasley and Jerryd Bayless of Arizona...

Documentary follows them as high schoolers as they prepare for the ultimate high school tournament "The Elite 24" hosted at the legendary New York Rucker's Park and deals with the pressures and dreams of a top high school basketball athlete. Gunnin' For That #1 Spot premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival end of this month and releases in theaters on June 27th. Check out the website for more details.

I'd definitely check this out.

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[video] "There Can Only Be One" Again

None of these with the Pistons, eh? Here's arguably two of the league's illest point guards right now, Steve Nash & Jason Kidd:

[video] More "There Can Only Be One"
[video] There Can Only Be One

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Carmelo: Why?

What's really good, 'Melo? What were you doing driving drunk? Why mess up the Nuggets chances to make that 8th seed?:

Anthony was driving south on Interstate 25 at around 4 a.m. when he was pulled over and taken into custody. Denver police said he was driving a silver Mercedes and was stopped for failing to drive in a single lane and failing to dim lights. Several Denver media outlets reported that he was given a Breathalyzer test.

Is that even necessary? Or is it that you ain't give a f**k? You almost had one year trouble-free.

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[video] The Fire Isiah Thomas Rap

Damn, the First Cousins really dislike Zeke, huh? I have a feelin' this might come too fruition:

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[video] Kobe Jumps An Aston Martin

Kids, don't try this at home:

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[video] More "There Can Only Be One"

Dwight Howard and Chris Paul get their "There Can Only Be One" on:

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[video] There Can Only Be One

Nice promos from the NBA. You can just feel the Playoffs in the air, right?!

LeBron James and Kevin Garnett

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal

I like these. Especially since they did two cats in the East and two in the West.

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NBA Hall Of Fame: Class of 2008

The inductees were presented yesterday. Do you think they got it right? Give us your thoughts before they are enshrined September 4th through September 6th, 2008.

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[video] Iguodala Is Meaner

Andre is a monster:

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[video] Jason Richardson Is Mean

Peep this mean dunk from Jason Richardson on Rasho Nesterovic:

He ain't gotta do him like that!

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March Madness

Man...yesterday had some great games. Memphis is the real deal, folks. I doubted them but they have made a believer out of me. Check out this ridiculous smash by Chris Douglas-Roberts on Kevin Love (You ain't have to point at him afterwards, Joey orsey...just kidding, yes you did):

Memphis handled UCLA rather easily. From top to bottom, their team is ridiculously athletic and just plain bigger than their competition. I don't know how they managed to lose to Tennessee, but they're about to give Kansans some fits.

Speaking of the Jayhawks...

WOW! They put a beatdown on North Carolina somethin' serious! Thanks, Tar Heel bracket is officially dead now that you're on the bus back to Chapel Hill. I wasn't as cold as the boy Billy Packer though...There were roughly seven minutes left to play in the first half and that fool said that the game was over. Don't believe me? Juslisen:

Coldblooded! For all intents and purposes, the game really was done though. North Carolina gave it a great effort in the second half but the hole that they were in was just too deep to climb out of.

Monday night's matchup is going to be a great one. Look for the team who has the best backcourt production to leave San Antonio with the hardware. Mark my words.

Recap - Kansas sons Roy Williams and the Tar Heels
Recap - Memphis beatfaces UCLA

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[video] Breakin' Ankles

Blast from the past! Randolph Childress with the ill crossover, circa 1995:

Shouts to E for the find.

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[video] Shot Of The Year?

Rudy Gay from behind the backboard:

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[video] J.R. Rider: Grand Theft Auto?

While I did not see this one coming, I am somehow not surprised at all:

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