Seriously... Iverson for Billups?!

Is Joe Dumars smoking that crack that has Bobby Brown's lip all jacked? I mean, I can totally understand wanting to shake up your squad, especially after a pair of disappointing Finals run last season. But on what planet does Dumars live on? Dumars is a cat who has accomplished so much as a player and in the head office; what is the line of thinking that makes a cat believe that adding Allen Iverson to the Pistons, while trading away Chauncey Billups AND Antonio McDyess, truly make the Pistons that hotter? A.I. is the truth, trust - he can ball, and will put up his numbers. But did he forget the disappointing runs in Philly and Denver? Seems like dead weight.

And for Billups, who has been such a consistent force for the Pistons!? I'm not seeing the need to risk that. Maybe Billups and Dumars had beef? Who knows. All I see is 1) Iverson being 33 yrs old and 2) Iverson having a bloated contract. We'll see how this one pans out...

ESPN tries to explain why, but I am still confused.

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Peter Robert Casey said... November 3, 2008 at 9:14 PM  

Complete shock and shake-up of the Piston's, but not sure if AI fits the mold of their style. With the Piston's aging team, it reminds me of McCain's extreme choice of Palin--except AI is way better at what he does than the VP hopeful! Dramatic? Yes. Effective? Doubt it.

Yours in hoops,
Peter Robert Casey

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