Paul Pierce Signed Ball... For 99 Cents!

I kid you not. Wendy's an ill twist on auctions that will be giving away some ill merch for $.99. Check the explanation:

Wendy's is doing something called "99¢ Bid for Value":

It is a series of online auctions that will be going backwards, therefore the winning bid will always be 99 cents. When an auction is LIVE consumers must correctly answer a trivia question to submit a bid. These questions are quick and simple, and they can answer as many as they need before getting one correct. Once the bidder presses the submit button, a bid is submitted, and the value of the prize will continue to go down. The first bidder who knocks the price down to 99 cents wins!

On Wednesday, March 25th, the Pierce ball is up for grabs.

You heard that right. Sounds like fun, right? Hit up for more information on this. Pierce's signed ball goes up for auction tomorrow, March 25th, at 11:30AM EST. Good Luck!

Shouts to Jen at Ketchum for the heads up!

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