Video - L.A. Lakers: 101 - Orlando: 96 (OT)

I usually hate when writers/broadcasters ask questions like "did team x win the game or did team y lose the game?" But in this instance, this might be a time where team y - Orlando - lost the game.

They played the Lakers tight all game long and had a few golden opportunities to win the game, especially Courtney Lee. He missed a floater in the lane in the last minute and then blew the alley-oop layup that could have defeated the Lakers in regulation. You don't get too many chances like that. Hopefully Lee doesn't have a career meltdown of Nick Anderson proportions but it's not looking good after the first two games.

Van Gundy seems to have forgotten how to play his back court. Coming into the series, most people would agree that the Magic had the advantage at the point guard slot. However the addition of Jameer Nelson has thrown the rotations for a loop and Rafer's shot has left him completely. The bench didn't provide any production and a large reason for that was Mikael Pietrus being limited by foul trouble.

On the bright side, the next three games will be played in Orlando. On the not so bright side the Magic are two games from fishing. Kobe didn't play as great as he did in the last game but that's not stopping him from remaining focused. Odom was huge and so was Pau Gasol. We're two Laker victories away from one of the most anticipated post game interview sessions ever and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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