Chris Webber: Calling It Quits

Chris Webber, a man some say is one of the greatest power forwards of all time, is set to retire today, due to nagging knee problems. And I am none the happier. My man went from the Fab Five (and the infamous time-out) to an almost-ran, who, while averaging 20 points a game throughout his career, was also a burden for some teams (think Philadelphia). I don't know what it was about Webber, but I went from riding for him when he first joined to down-right loathing of him, just for living. Or maybe it was the string of arrests and weed found on his person (he was obviously big before the invention of the weed-carrier).

Get your knee fixed, duke - and stay out of the NBA.

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Fishbone said... March 26, 2008 at 8:11 PM  

In high school I LOVED the fab 5, and C Webb was my man. I had the yellow Michigan shorts, I was already rocking the shaved dome since 92...C Webb was tha shizzle! Before the Answer got to G'town, he was my favorite baller. I had the first #4 from Golden St, and one from the Bullets, and OF COURSE two from Sacto (where if not Horry's 3 he'd have a ring). I wish his comeback would've been more successful, but the knees didn't agree.

C Webb, behind AI and, now, T-Mac, you were my favorite baller. Congrats on a GREAT career, and enjoy your retirement. Get well!

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