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Flashback to 2:18 AM Sunday morning in Houston, TX - I'm minding my own business, posted up on the sidewalk waiting to pick up my dime brizzle when out of the club strolls ol' Rafer Alston. His spirits seemed to be a bit up and considering that the Rockets were in the midst of a 21 game win streak, he had pretty good reason to be happy. At the same time, the hometown fans probably wouldn't want their starting point guard out past 2 AM on the day of a monster game against the LA early game at that. So as Rafer made his way down the street arguing with some dude about who hadn't been to church in the longest, I remarked to my homeboy Reggie (diehard Laker fan) that it wouldn't be surprising if Rafer went 3-19 later that day. Reggie clapped in glee and instantly felt confident that the Lakers would demolish the Rockets. I called my best friend Kene (diehard Rockets fan) and let him know what I had just witnessed and all Kene could do was sigh. Again, if you're a fan, you probably want your starters at home getting a good night's rest on the day of a big game. Little did I know that Rafer Alston would literally have the game of his NBA life later on that same day.

Son straight BOMBED away on the Lakers to the tune of 31 points (including 8 three pointers!) and led the Rockets to their TWENTY-SECOND STRAIGHT victory. T-Mac didn't even score in the first half and the Rockets were up by 15 at the break. The Lakers stormed back, but the Rockets were just too much for them. Battier locked down Kobe, Rafer couldn't miss, freakin' Mike Harris was ballin' was great to watch. That fool Reggie STILL hasn't answered his cell phone since the game ended. And now, after 22 straight wins, the Rockets stand at the top of the Western Conference with 16 games left to play. Anyone who says they could have seen this one coming is a liar and a fraud. After the game, I got this text message from Kene:

"Rafer better get pass out drunk on Monday nite."


P.S. - Anyone who is still hating on the Rockets and their win streak should promptly kill themselves. When you hate on undeniable excellence (which is what this streak is), all you do is reveal the bitch in you. So, from this bulls fan to the Rockets faithful, I respect what your team is doing and hope that it continues.

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khal said... March 17, 2008 at 1:14 PM  

yeah i had to stop hating. i figured the bobcats would have ended it.

rafer did his thing, though. maybe the patron got him going?

where is fishbone on this?

Fishbone said... March 18, 2008 at 7:49 PM  

Damn...I'm still sobering up from the 12 pack I had celebrating at Scott Gertner's! I stopped by to write something...and lookie lookie, the Bulls fan beat me to it!

Yo, if Rafer was hanging out before the Lakers game...shit, I hope he was up all night last night before tonight's game against the Boston Three party.

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