Is Paul Pierce A Blood?

OK so you saw him throw up a "B" right? Now, I'm not a Blood, but I used to be cool with Bloods, and it looks like Paul Pierce threw up their B. I've also seen that there are Bloods factions up in Boston (like everywhere else) - plus, dude is from Cali! Now, I laughed because I figured "nah, homey really isn't Blooded, is he?", but this apparently became a serious incident:

Now, the video they showed at the end, it looks like Paul is mimicing shooting dice! I mean, I know mad Bloods and cats in the hood in general who shoot dice. I don't see how that slow-mo video proved their point.

LMFAO @ "blood, sweat and tears", though. He could have at least said "I'm throwing up a 'B' for Boston pride" or some nonsense. In the first video, he was pissed, upset at how he got played, and looks like he threw up a B in retaliation, like "don't be slippin' once the game let's out".

What do you think? Was it worth a $25G fine? Check out this article from The Boston Globe for more insight.

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