March Madness

Man...yesterday had some great games. Memphis is the real deal, folks. I doubted them but they have made a believer out of me. Check out this ridiculous smash by Chris Douglas-Roberts on Kevin Love (You ain't have to point at him afterwards, Joey orsey...just kidding, yes you did):

Memphis handled UCLA rather easily. From top to bottom, their team is ridiculously athletic and just plain bigger than their competition. I don't know how they managed to lose to Tennessee, but they're about to give Kansans some fits.

Speaking of the Jayhawks...

WOW! They put a beatdown on North Carolina somethin' serious! Thanks, Tar Heel bracket is officially dead now that you're on the bus back to Chapel Hill. I wasn't as cold as the boy Billy Packer though...There were roughly seven minutes left to play in the first half and that fool said that the game was over. Don't believe me? Juslisen:

Coldblooded! For all intents and purposes, the game really was done though. North Carolina gave it a great effort in the second half but the hole that they were in was just too deep to climb out of.

Monday night's matchup is going to be a great one. Look for the team who has the best backcourt production to leave San Antonio with the hardware. Mark my words.

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