If You Root Against a Lakers - Celtics Finals, You're a Hater

Apparently, Jemelle Hill thinks that we should all be rooting for a Spurs/Pistons Finals match-up because it would shut up all of the conspiracy theorists who say that the league is trying its best to get Lakers/Celtics match-up. She also goes on to say that the Pistons and Spurs would be "our core sports values at work", Tim Duncan is "perhaps the best player of his generation", and that "If you love teams that win because of their commitment to team basketball, root for Pistons-Spurs. If you're sick of seeing basketball dominated by And-1 wannabes, root for Pistons-Spurs."

Jemelle, what the hell are you smoking?

The conspiracy theorist, most often than not, is also commonly referred to as a "hater." Would the league (and the general public) rather see the Pistons and Spurs battle it out in 7 games with scores that barely crack the 50s or would the league (and everyone except for citizens of Detroit and San Antonio) rather see the leagues two most storied franchises battle it out for basketball supremacy? It's like asking Major League Baseball if they'd like to see the Red Sox and Yankees square off every year in the post season versus having the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Kansas City Royals. The reason why the final four in the NBA are in the position they are in is not because they were helped out along the way, it is because they are simply better than everyone they've faced. And yes, the Lakers got Pau Gasol for a roll of medical tape and some hot sauce, but if the two teams agreed to the trade and it was approved, then that's what it is. The fact that Isiah Thomas destroyed the team with the largest media market should stand as strong proof that the league isn't trying to rig things.

As far as our core sports values being at work, when the hell did flopping like there's no tomorrow (see San Antonio Spurs) become a core sports value? When did making it to the conference finals six years in a row and only winning one world championship but acting like you've won the title six years in a row become a core sports value? Detroit is the same frachise who's fans almost killed the league a few years back when they decided to use an opposing player for a trash can. San Antonio is also the same franchise who's fans broke into a chant of "Horry! Horry!" when Cheap Shot Rob nailed David West in the back and left him motionless on the court. Yeah, they're some real class acts.

While I will not dispute the fact that Tim Duncan is among the best players of his generation, I'm still rolling with Kobe Bryant as THE best. Tim Duncan has played like a superstar when his team needed him, but it's not like he was playing alongside some scrubs. Kobe has been a transcendent talent and is one ring away from matching Duncan's championship total.

"If you love teams that win because of their commitment to team basketball, root for Pistons-Spurs." Seriously? Have you even seen the Lakers and Celtics play this season? The Laker's triangle offense is back to prime form and the way they run a fast break is among the league's best. If it wasn't for the Celtics absolute commitment to team basketball, they wouldn't be two wins away from the Finals right now. It's also safe to say that any team who is "playing like And-1 wannabes" is watching the playoffs at home right now (and didn't make it to begin with).

To be fair to Jemelle, she explains that she is a native of Detroit and would love to see the hometown team make it to the Finals. However, her article is just absolutely ridiculous. After such an outstanding season of basketball, a Spurs-Pistons championship would be the worst possible outcome.

Jemelle, put the haterade down!

America should be pulling for Pistons-Spurs

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