Too Tall To Ball

ABC reports: "An Oregon basketball player is being kicked out of her basketball league -- all because she's a girl. 12-year-old female basketball prodigy won't be playing with the boys. Jaime Nared may be only 12 years old, but she's called a basketball powerhouse by teammates and already stands over 6 feet tall. Jaime is such a good basketball player her coach and parents decided she should play in the boys' league. "I think I do a little bit better when I play with the boys," said Jaime, "because I push myself even harder playing with them." Her coach said the other players' parents were fine when Jaime joining the team until she outshone their sons on the court. "They were great ... until she blocked the first shot. Then they were like, 'Hey, we don't want this big kid coming out and making us look bad,'" said Michael Abraham, Jaime's coach. After parents complained, The Hoop, a private league that organizes the games, told Jaime she could no longer play with the boys, citing a rule that bars mixed-gender teams. "

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