The King Is Dead...Long Live The King



28, 7, 7.




Ok, you might be wondering what these various numbers have to do with anything. Lotto numbers? Lock combination? goes:

66 represents the number of games that the Cleveland Cavaliers won this season. 39 is the number of home games they won (out of 41), which is one of the best home records in NBA history. 28,7, and 7 were LeBron's averages in points, rebounds, and assists - one of the best stat lines ever. 1 represents LeBron's first Most Valuable Player award, received after leading his team to the best regular season record in NBA. 4 represents the total number of post-season games that the Cavs have lost during the 2009 NBA Playoffs. And 0 is the number of times that the Cleveland Cavaliers won on the homecourt of the Orlando Magic this season. O is also the number of NBA Championships that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers possess.

The last two numbers, 4 and 0 are the only numbers that matter here. Although their current postseason record is 10-4, that record has no chance at improving because of their 0-3 postseason road record against Orlando. Frozen in time because the Cavs couldn't work their magic away from the Q and because they had no magic against the Magic.

This is no fluke, though. Orlando has simply owned the Cavs over the last two or so years, winning 12 out of 17 games against Cleveland. The Cavs could have won the championship on the back of LeBron James...if they got the right match-up. Despite their 66-16 regular season record, they were only 3-6 against the "elite" teams of the NBA - Los Angeles (0-2), Orlando (1-2), and Boston (2-2).

And like just like that...after ripping off 8 straight wins to start the playoffs...after all the dancing and general good vibes that they felt all season's all over. And King said no words to anyone after it was all said and done.

0. No championship to soothe decades of heartbreak.

That's my lasting image of LeBron James. A person, who in defeat, didn't have the grace and poise of "royalty" to congratulate the foes who dashed his championship hopes against the rocks.

I forgot one more number...2010. Anyone who has been following basketball this year knows the significance of 2010. And if Cleveland hopes to keep their Most Valuable Player on the roster for years to come, they better make immediate changes to turn that 0 into a 1 next season.

But for now, His Majesty will have to be content with being King of the lake for yet another summer.

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GAPope said... June 2, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

Wow, it makes me sad to hear the media slamming LeBron after he has literally carried the Cavs on his back for the whole season. He is not a slave. He is a human being, who walks, eats and breathes...did I mention he is only 24 and has feelings like a huMAN. Even real workhorses (animals) get tired if overworked.
Lebron has brought googobs of money into Cleveland, and to the media. Does that get reported! For two years he has tried to put Cleveland on the map with a NBA Championship. Cleveland fans got their wish when they wanted a break in the winning streak to bring more MONEY to Cleveland. Be careful what you wish for---words truly do have power!! He is not the only NBA player who has left a game without a comment or congratualating the winning team (i.e. Michael Jordon, Coby Bryant, etc).
No one has mentioned the poor coaching of Mike Brown who is so full of himself you want to puke. He also received Best Coach of the year off of LeBrons back!! Many fans are wondering why he consistently held good players on the bench. If LeBron chooses to leave Cleveland and goes to a team that values him as a person and as an outstanding team player, no one should be mad. Just sit down, shut up, and eat crow.

Cleveland, OH

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