Ron Artest - My Life (Episode 2)

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Video - L.A. Lakers: 101 - Orlando: 96 (OT)

I usually hate when writers/broadcasters ask questions like "did team x win the game or did team y lose the game?" But in this instance, this might be a time where team y - Orlando - lost the game.

They played the Lakers tight all game long and had a few golden opportunities to win the game, especially Courtney Lee. He missed a floater in the lane in the last minute and then blew the alley-oop layup that could have defeated the Lakers in regulation. You don't get too many chances like that. Hopefully Lee doesn't have a career meltdown of Nick Anderson proportions but it's not looking good after the first two games.

Van Gundy seems to have forgotten how to play his back court. Coming into the series, most people would agree that the Magic had the advantage at the point guard slot. However the addition of Jameer Nelson has thrown the rotations for a loop and Rafer's shot has left him completely. The bench didn't provide any production and a large reason for that was Mikael Pietrus being limited by foul trouble.

On the bright side, the next three games will be played in Orlando. On the not so bright side the Magic are two games from fishing. Kobe didn't play as great as he did in the last game but that's not stopping him from remaining focused. Odom was huge and so was Pau Gasol. We're two Laker victories away from one of the most anticipated post game interview sessions ever and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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Video - Trevor Ariza: A Brother's Memory

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Excess Bangers 29 - And Playoffs Make Finals!

With Game 2 on Sunday, Highbrid Nation had to get something special together...



01. Lil Wayne - Kobe Bryant
02. Drake feat. Lil Wayne & - I’m Goin’ In
03. Nipsey Hussle - The Hussle Way _Produced by Phonix
04. Lloyd Banks - Practice
05. JayRock - L.A. Song
06. Raekwon - Olympus _Produced by True Master
07. Max B - Never Wanna Go Back
08. Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli - History (prod. J. Dilla)
09. Chamillionaire feat. Bobby Valentino - Patron
10. Fabolous ft Johnta Austin - Your Baby Roll With Me
11. Ghostface Killah - Forever
12. Nipsey Hussle - Strapped
13. Wale - Family Affair
14. Bun B & Termanology - Make It Fast prod by JDilla
15. D-Block (Don D & Ty) Feat. OJ Da Juiceman - Show Em
16. Juice ft. Bun B - Can’t Crush My Cool
17. Bobby Creekwater - Motion Picture
18. Termanology - Nothing Iz Real
19. Colo Bondz - Make My Day
20. Kev Tha Hustla - Get It In Ohio Freestyle

Enjoy this.

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Video - Lil Dez and LeBron Home Alone

Judging by the way he handled losing against the Magic, I'm guessing LeBron will be wearing Adidas in a few years after this commercial.

Lil Dez FTW!

Video - MVPs: Kobe & LeBron

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Video - L.A. Lakers: 100 - Orlando: 75

Kobe was absolutely sick in tonight's game. He's locked in...totally name it, Kobe was it tonight. 40-8-8 is a pretty impressive stat line if I do say so myself. Orlando finally cooled off; too bad it came at the worst possible time. Shooting 30 percent from the field isn't going to win them too many games. Getting outrebounded by 14 isn't going to help either.

Dwight Howard...six field goal attempts isn't going to get you that first 'ship. Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu, Rafer amber alert was sent out on them during tonight's game. But the Magic found Jameer Nelson! To their detriment? We'll see over the course of the series.

The Lakers have come to play, ladies and gents. It would be a real tall task if the Magic head back to Florida in an 0-2 hole. Kobe Bryant would love to pack that hole with as much dirt as possible.

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Video - David Stern's NBA State Of The Union Address

Nice of the commish to finally enforce some rules when it comes to LeBron skipping out on the media.

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Video - 12 Wins Down, 4 To Go

Who wants the Larry O'Brien?

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Lil Wayne - "Kobe Bryant"

This ode to Kobe Bryant was recorded last night by Lil Wayne. As if Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic needed any more motivation, now they have a theme song to play to.

Link via Boo Goo Doo Boom.

Lil Wayne - "Kobe Bryant"

khal EDIT New link added.

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Video - Kobe Talks About The Greatest NBA Players & The NBA Finals w/Magic Johnson

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President Obama's NBA Finals Pick: The Lakers in 6

President Obama is doing pretty well for himself when it comes to picking champs - he picked North Carolina to win the NCAA title and they came through for him and he also pulled for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl. Now he's made his choice for NBA champ:

"Lakers in six, I think."
Don't let the President down, Kobe.

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Video - Throwback: Pippen and Jordan Dunk On Patrick Ewing

A little piece of memory lane...The Jordan dunk gets all the publicity, but Pippen yammed on Ewing's flat-topped dome piece in that game as well.

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Video - LeBron Breaks His Silence

Nice of him to offer a few words in the aftermath of his team's post season meltdown. Clearly, he's pissed off about losing...and rightfully so. I don't agree with him not congratulating the Magic after the game, but I understand where he's coming from. You would hope for better sportsmanship from the MVP of the NBA, but it is what it is. In the grand scheme of things, I'm sure Dwight Howard isn't losing sleep over it...he's got bigger fish to fry.

And speaking of fish...that's the last time we talk about Cleveland fisherman here at Have You Seen Me Dunk for the rest of this post season.

Happy fishing, LeBron!

Video - Sunday Conversation with Dwight Howard
The King Is Dead...Long Live The King

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