[video] 2008 NBA All-Star Game Highlights

As you should know by now, the East beat the West, 134-128, with LeBron James grabbing the MVP trophy. Check out these NBA TV highlights:

That LeBron to Dwight Howard alley-oop was beautiful. There's loads more video from both on the court and behind the scenes; check out some of them:

D. Wade with the reverse lay-in:

LeBron with the SICK one-handed slam:

David West feeling that East Coast D [II]:

Kevin Garnett & D. Wade on the bench:

HOFer Bill Russell giving Dwight Howard some pointers:

LeBron slammin' over Dirk Nowitzki:

Looks like James is heated over this on-again/off-again Kidd trade talk!

Check out TrueHoop's First Cup: Monday for news from around the Web on the All-Star Game, and other beats around the NBA. I hope you guys enjoyed our coverage of the 2008 NBA All-Star Weekend.

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