NBA Live: Chicago bulls vs. Houston Rockets 2/24/08

Well, I finally saw a bulls game live in the flesh. Too bad it's about ten years too late. You may remember my F*** THE bulls post from a while back...well, I still feel that way about this year's team but my buddy Scott had gotten me tickets for tonight's contest a while back so I went ahead and went. The game played out exactly as I predicted.

[This was about as close it got all game long]

The first quarter was very lackluster and surprisingly the bulls hung close to the Rockets. The Rockets were getting to the free throw line but couldn't convert. They overcame that problem as the game wore on.

The second quarter featured more nonsense that I've already forgotten because the game was memorable for only a few reasons:

1) The bulls are really, really bad
2) The Rockets shot the lights out
3) The Rockets' Power Dancers are hot. I see ya, boo.

The third quarter featured Tracy "Half-Man, Half-Season" McGrady deciding to make a mockery out of anyone in a bulls uniform. Throughout the second half, he drilled jumper after jumper in the respective mugs of Luol Deng and Thabo Sefolosha. The smirk he wore on his face quietly infuriated me, but I already know that She-Mac will probably tear another labia later on this season so I stayed calm. More lack of details lets you know how horrible the bulls are. Beard Gooden did smash one pretty nasty on top of Yao's massive dome. That was the only bulls' highlight to speak of.

In the fourth quarter, She-Mac kept embarassing the bulls, Shane Battier shot 3's from the corner (surprise, surprise), and Bobby Jackson just plain lit it up. Game over, the bulls lose.

In closing, here are a few observations:

1)Beard Gooden's beard pulled down 4 rebounds and was the sole reason he was able to dunk on Yao Ming.
2)Larry Hughes took most of Ben Gordon's shots and shine. Not that he had much shine to begin with.
3)The bulls run the 'no offense' offense. And Larry Hughes and Beard Gooden ran the Cavs' offense while the bulls' ran their no offense which resulted in feces.
4)I see why the Cavs got rid of Larry Hughes and Beard Gooden. Beard Gooden makes stupid decisions and Larry Hughes takes stupid shots. See Hey Larry Hughes, Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots for more evidence.
5)The bulls have no shot at doing anything worth while this season. They have sunk to the realm of the league's mediocre teams.
6a)Eff the bulls.
6b)Eff She-Mac.

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