[video] Dwight Howard = Superman

Didn't we tell you that Dwight Howard had this one in the bag? I was rewatching this competition this morning on the DVR, and Dwight murked it. No one could touch his first dunk, then he put on the Superman cape for his 2nd?!?! Check this out:

You love how he threw the ball into the hoop, right? He put the practice in, and it showed! He also stated previously that he had some tricks up his sleeve, and he came with it!

If anyone can find video of that 2nd to last dunk he did, where he tipped the ball of the backboard with his left then jammed with the right, hit me up!

Who said the Dunk Competition was dead?

Bonus Beats: Here's the Sportscenter Highlights of the comp:

Even TrueHoop had to give the competition it's due.

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