NBA Slam Dunk Competition 2K8 News

Well, it looks like the four contestants in this year's NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Competition (taking place on Feb. 16th) have been named:

Returning champ Gerald Green

(NOTE: This is back when he was a Celtic)

Rudy Gay

Jamario Moon

and Dwight Howard

If you've read this blog at all, you'd know that we have been fans of Dwight Howard's, and I could imagine that E would agree with me when I say Howard should have this one in the bag.

The dopest change going on in this year's competition is the addition of letting the fans decide who won. The judges votes won't hold any more water than the fans, who can text and vote on-line. I'm wondering how they will schedule things: that window, if they are trying to decide a winner that night, has got to be tight, so you might see the Slam Dunk contest on a lil' earlier, if that's the case (the Dunk contest usually ends the night). We shall see, though...

Bonus Beats: Check out the "Sticker Dunk" Controversy:

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