Eva Longoria: Dry Snitchin'

What's really good with Eva Longoria saying, in an interview, that Tony Parker fakes his on-court injuries to get calls? In her words:

She says, "Sometimes he acts to get the flagrant foul or, to sell the foul more, he'll throw himself on the floor and really play it up more than what it is.
"I really don't know what the difference is so I'm like, 'Stop laying on the ground if you're not hurt. Just get up!'
"He's like, 'Honey, I have to stay on the ground sometimes.'
"But I get really nervous, it's nail-biting."

Why is she acting brand new? Did she really have to do that? Did Tony Parker give her an earful when he saw this? Is she now barred from coming to games?

*Sigh*: so much beauty, so little brains.

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