Kidd Wants Out

The honeymoon has been over for a while, and I can't say that I am at all surprised, with the recent skid the Nets have been on (come on, 9 game losing streak, including an embarrassment to the Timberwolves?), but Jason Kidd let it be known that he is openly looking for a trade, quoted as saying that "it's time for us to move on". Christ. As per current Nets form, Rod Thorn struck back, advising that no trade will happen unless the Nets will be correctly compensated, and that as of right now, Kidd is still under contract. Which makes sense. The Nets don't want to give up someone like Kidd and get a lame duck to replace him, especially with the Brooklyn move coming soon. The thing is, an unhappy kid could be appeased with a trade for someone to fill the void Carter leaves by, well, being Carter. Vinsanity is the bigger whole, and no matter how much of an asset he can be when he is on, he is rarely consistent, and I'd imagine if they Nets could get back to that give-and-go offense that set them ablaze 6 years ago, we could be a serious contender, and not just an "also-ran".

With the trade deadline coming, I can only imagine the sparks that could fly, but I don't see Kidd leaving before the end of this season. By the end of this summer, though? The Nets will be shaken up - they need to be. This is an interesting story going into tonight's game with the Bucks. Will Kidd keep the pressure? Will the Nets respond and man up?

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