Nets Notes (15th Jan. 2008)

It's been damn near 2 weeks since I've updated you guys about my Nets; they've been so back and forth, it's been hard to keep an angle on them. Let's grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and revisit the last week and a half in the Nets 2007-08 season:

  • It looks like Kiki Vanderweghe was Knicks bound (or, he WANTED to be Knicks bound) before signing with New Jersey; I guess it's OK, though, we should be Brooklyn-ized in a few.
  • Even though Richard Jefferson missed a shootaround on the 4th of Jan. due to flu-like symptoms, he played (and added 28 points) in our 102-96 win over Charlotte at home. Jason Kidd dropped his 8th triple double of the season, and Vince Carter came correct with 30 points. We struggle during the entire first half, with 33% from the field, but turned up the pressure come 3rd quarter and kept the Bobcats trailing for the majority of the 2nd half. Josh Boone started that game, and had a solid 12 point/9 board performance, and we also got 11 points from Nachbar coming off the bench.
  • We got our 5th win in a row at the hands of the Hawks; a 113-107 win in Atlanta isn't really a gigantic triumph, and we pretty much just played to our strengths (Vince & RJ dropping 20+ points, Kidd rocking ANOTHER triple-double, Sean Williams, Boone and Nachbar each coming with double-digit points, etc.); there was a scare with RJ "tweaking" his knee, but he still finished the game and played solidly - exams from the Nets' team doctor came out negative for any serious injury, thank God.
  • Billy Thomas got waived, which was no surprise as he added no impact to the Nets whatsoever. Malik Allen was given an non-guaranteed deal as well; with his recent recovery from a sore back, we'll see how this pans out.
  • What was really good with ESPN harping on Kidd's mustache? The man is doing the damn thing - let him be.
  • The bad thing about the Nets and win-streaks is that they end up getting broken by teams you wouldn't expect, like the Bobcats, who came to the IZOD and got their revenge, with a 115-99 win. Kidd got another triple double, but the rest of the team was lukewarm. Carter, who had been on something of a hot-streak of his own, only recorded 17 points, and as a team we trailed the Bobcats in boards, assists, FG %, FT %, treys and a few other categories. When we're on, we're on, but when we're off, we might as well not show up.
  • We turned things around on the 9th, where we hosted the Sonics, and ended up coming out with a double-digit win, 99-88, with Jason Kidd allowing the team to coast on through the entire game. Durant got held to 15 points, and Kidd didn't get a triple-double (I guess a double-double will do), but we got the job done, period. Easy win...
  • My boy Byron Scott got interviewed, and expressed that he is still bitter over being fired by the Nets. I am, too. He was the man when the Nets got Jason Kidd and scorched the East a few years back. I miss that dude.
  • Word is Jason Kidd is having another baby? Hopefully this baby isn't as big-headed as TJ is! I keed, I keed.
  • The heads who were beefing with Bruce Ratner over the Atlantic Yards project (AKA the Brookyln Nets' home) got their case dismissed. I've never been to Brooklyn before, but I think I might make the trek if/when the Nets move.
  • I hated watching this Nets vs. Celtics game from Jan. 11th, for I was shocked that we came out the box so sharp. How the hell did we only score 9 points in the fourth?! And 14 in the 2nd? Kidd got another double-double, but the way we were scoring (or not scoring), it didn't matter. Then again, these are the Celtics - it's not like we got superwaxed by Miami or something! Low-scoring final: 86-77.
  • NetsDaily pointed out a wild Catch-22 situation that both Nenad Krstic and Marcus Williams are in: while both need to get back on the court to not only build up their confidence, but sharpen their skills, the Nets cannot afford to fumble games on their road to above .500. For the time being, M. Will won't be D-League bound, but now is not the time to lose a game over either of these cats. Maybe post-All-Star break will bring them more burn.
  • Which brings us to last night's embarrassing loss to Portland, 99-73(!?!?!??!!?!?!??!). Malik Allen got 17 points and 8 boards, but with Kidd/Carter/Jefferson only combining for 7 for 33 from the field, it didn't matter. We lookedl ike suckers from the start, like we'd have rather played this game on another day. If we're looking to be a serious contender, we need to be on every night. We split the 6 games played in the last week, and either looked phenomenal or stunk like hot garbage. How can we turn this around? Total commitment. If not, the playoffs will just be a memory.

We have a chance to do some solid work, and the young guys who need to be molded to perform at top-quality, game in and game out. This sometime-y nonsense doesn't cut the mustard, nor does it win games. Keep building, Nets!

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