Nets Notes (3rd Jan. 2008)

Happy New Year, Nets fans! I've been chillin' no the NetsTalk, and we're still a hair under .500, but let's see how NJ closed out 2007 and started out 2008...

  • On Dec. 28th, the Nets beat out the Wizards at home, 109-106. We had big games from Kidd, Carter and RJ, as well as Sean Williams, who dropped 14 points and 10 boards. That rookie is developing into a problem for defenses and big cats under the boards. Nachbar even added 12 points, playing off the bench nicely. Tight game overall, with the Nets trading leads back and forth for a bit with the Wizards, but they missed one and we held on tight.
  • On the road, NJ pulled out another close on, rocking the Bucks 97-95 in Milwaukee. We lucked out on the strength of the Bucks not hitting their free throws that night. Kidd came through with a double-double (17 pts., 15 dimes), but the only other double-digit scorers were Carter and Jefferson. This game marked 4 wins out of the last 5 games, which is pretty ill for the kind of up and down season we've had so far.
  • In terms of Trade Talk, Rod Thorn says he's been getting offers for all kinds of things (like Allen Iverson for Jason Kidd... LOL), and is willing to talk if the move is right. Thing is, Jason Kidd is a bit of a wildcard for teams wanting to trade, especially given that New Jersey would rather get a healthy young guy than an older, broken favorite. Rumor is they spoke to Memphis about Pau Gasol, but who could the Nets honestly give up for Gasol, while still maintaining a solid core? If Carter wasn't so wishy-washy, he'd be a steal, but he's NJ's headache... for now. Guys like Nachbar and Jefferson might play into a smart team's mix, but I don't expect anything too major by the end of Feb.
  • The end of 2007 saw what we already knew happen: the former Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe was named "Special Assistant to the President", meaning he will be evaluating current and future players, as well as helping mold the 2008 NBA Draft picks for NJ. Let's hope he doesn't do something silly, like bring A.I. to the Nets.
  • It's official: the Nets will be in New Jersey until 2010.
  • All of this brings us to last night's miracle of a win in Orlando, where we played a crappy 1st half (33% from the field, as well as the Magic leading by as many as 15 at one point in the 2nd quarter), but this all changed in the 2nd half, as a true team effort helped us eek one out, 96-95. Tough win, but in a game where Jason Collins scores 10 points, and is one of 4 players off the bench with points in the double-digit range, anything can happen. Kidd recorded ANOTHER double-double (10 pts., 10 dimes), and ran by another "Magic": Jason Kidd recorded his 9,000th assist, and surpassed Magic Johnson on the all-time rebounding guards list, moving into 4th place. Right now, his mind is in the current season, which is good.

Hopefully the rest of the team stays with him...

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