Rockets Mid-season Review

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I haven't posted anything about my squad in a minute. Well, it ain't because I haven't been watching (haven't missed a game yet), although there have been some stretches when I wish I had missed a game...or 6!!! Once I realized how long it'd been since my last post, and then how close we were to the midway point of the season...I figured I'd just wait until we'd played 41 and grade the squad.

Before I begin let me say this: when healthy...completely healthy, I think we're the 5th best team in the west.

Oh, and I guess my preseason prediction of 59-23 looks like boo-boo right now...
Fishbone's mid season grades: (in alphabetical order)

Rick Adleman-Head Coach:
Grade: C
A 22-19 record with a team that hast two perennial All-Star game starters = mediocre. A new coach featuring a new offense, and you'd expect some difficulties...but I expected the worst to be long since passed by now, which isn't the case. Anything less than 28-13 in the final 41 games = a return to the lottery.

Skip to My Lou-Starting PG:
Grade B+
Skip's play since the injury to T-Mac just might be one of the best things to happen to, not only the Rockets, but to his confidence as an NBA caliber point guard. He's one of 4 Rockets to post a double figure scoring average (11.6 ppg) thru the 1st half of the season and he's also tops on the team dropping 5 dimes a game. His contributions will be crucial down the stretch.

Shane Battier-Starting SF
Grade B
Shane leads the team in 3pt FG's made and is second on the squad in blocks. He draws the toughest defensive assignment every night, and usually fares pretty well. Shane is a 'glue' guy that every team needs...we just need him to raise that 3pt FG% from the 37% he's shooting now. If he can shoot at least 44% behind the arc in the second half of the season...yeah baby!

Aaron Brooks-Reserve PG
Grade B
This kid is lightning quick, and since being recalled from the D-league, has performed like he belongs in the show. I'm excited to see what more he can contribute in the second half.

Stevie Franchise-Reserve PG
Grade Incomplete
This is the first 4 inc's that I'll be giving out. Here is the criteria: 10 or less games played. I really thought Franchise would be a difference maker for this team when he signed...still waiting on that to happen.

Chuck Hayes-Starting PF
Grade B+
One of the worst free throw shooters in the league...but damn he busts his ass every night! I would love to see him DUNK THE DAMN BALL a bit more frequently. He is an undersized PF, but plays much bigger than his height. Yeah, could be another Barkley...if he'd dunk the ball!!!

Luther Head-Reserve SG
Grade B-
Another player that benefited from T-Mac's injury. Hopefully, his energy level and aggression will remain constant as he readjusts to life coming off the bench.

Mike James-Reserve SG
Grade C-
I was hoping he would be the same Mike James...(WHO, Mike James) that he was during his first stint with the squad. Yeah...I'm still hoping.

Carl Landry-Reserve PF
Grade Incomplete
Carl's only played in 8 games, so by my rule he gets the inc. But this kid is probably the most exciting player we have. HE DUNKS THE DAMN BALL...LOVE IT MAYNE!!!

T-Mac-Starting SG
Grade B
T-Mac is the best player on the team...point blank, period! JUST STAY HEALTHY, DAMMIT!!!

Yao Ming-Starting C
Grade A
As much as I'm a fan of Yao, I'm one of his biggest critics. I finally think he's starting to let his emotions loose on the court, and that can only help the team. Leading the team in scoring average, rebounds, blocks, and free throw %, he is, by far, the best center in the league. But as the saying goes: one man is not an island, and without T-Mac and the rest of the weapons on this squad...lottery here we come.

Dikembe Mutombo-Reserve C
Grade C
When Yao's in foul trouble, Deke checks in...and can still intimidate many a shot taker in this league. His one highlight of the season has to be that pick-and-roll dunk against the Spurs earlier this season.

Steve Novak-Reserve SF
Grade Incomplete
3 games played this season...Inc

Luis Scola-Reserve PF
Grade B+
It took about 15 games for him to really get comfortable here in the NBA, but he's done it and we are much better because of it. Scrappy, consistent, hard-nosed...and just about anything else you'd use to describe a hard worker is Scola. His shooting has improved over the last 12 games, and I expect this guy to have a great second half...and we'll need it.

Kirk Snyder-Reserve SF
Grade Incomplete
9 games played, so he qualifies...but even if he didn't qualify the grade would be the same. I remember this kid back at Nevada and he was the shizzle. He just hasn't gotten the burn here in the league and that's probably a shame.

Bonzi Wells-Reserve SF
Grade B-
Bonzi came to camp in shape and with a great attitude to start the season. He's the only non-starter averaging double figures in scoring (10 ppg). Still a great rebounder, with a great low post game...but a very streaky shooter. If he can bump his scoring average up to around 12 we have the potential to have a great second half.

We've played one of the toughest schedules in the league so far and are 3 games over .500. I'm predicting a 27-14 second half to finish the season @ 49-33...the 8th seed in the West.

And there it is...

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Scott Lu said... January 24, 2008 at 2:01 PM  

You were way too generous on those grades Fishgrease. Shane would have gotten a C for his lost shooting touch, Brooks would have gotten a C because he has showed potential, but it hasnt been as consistent as it needs to be, but he is exciting to watch. Hayes may have gotten a dam C- just for missing 12 layups in a row in the past 3-4 games. Luhtre would have gotten a C- because he was invisible for the 1st 2 months of the season and didn't come through until T-Mac went out, but now w/T-Mac back, I don't see Luther anymore. Mike James would have gotten a D, maybe even an F for doing absolutely nothing, he did manage to play his way out of the rotation. He only showed up the 1st 3 games of the season. T-Mac definately deserves a C because he has been hurt, dude is made of plastic-FRAGILE AS HELL! And for settling for all those off balance jumpers when he needs to take it hard to the rack. Deke should be an Inc. because he sees the court as much as Mike James and Steve Novak do. I'm happy w/Scola and Yao and Rafer and Bonzi. I love the Rockets, but they are going nowhere fast. Need to see what using Francis and Mike James as trade bait can bring us, even if it is only a 6 pack of Budweiser and a 2nd round pick.

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