The Big Ben Wallace

Finally in stores is the Big Ben Wallace, AKA Ben Wallace's sneaker, which is only available at Steve & Barry's stores around the country. I'm actually a fan of Steve & Barry's, only because I have kids and it's easy to pimp out your wardrobe for mad reasonable prices. Like, nothing is over $20 type of reasonable. This is the same spot that carries Stephon Marbury's "Starbury" line. I THINK this Ben Wallace shoe is an extension of that line (I know dude was rockin' Starburys for a bit), which I actually own. I copped the white on white low-tops, which are mad comfy and dependable when I'm not trying to scuff up my S Dots.

There are four different color schemes, including the black & red's seen above, and all are the same style (hi-top Basketball kicks), but the Starbury line was the same way - so expect some more fashionable ones if this line does well. And they should. I mean kicks for less than $20? Endorsed by a cat like Big Ben? Wow. And I saw the Real Sports feature on HBO: they tested Starburys alongside Nike jawns of the same style. While the materials in the Nike ones were a tad more durable/authentic (the Starburys used more synthetic products), they still performed very well. I believe the Nikes outlast the Starburys in terms of longevity, again due to the materials, but for $20 (or less!) a pair, that's nothing. And I've owned my pair since they came out (about a year or so ago), and I have NO complaints.

Buy you some, nigga.

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