Rockets Recap #2...before the WC road trip

I don't have the will power to wait 10 games to write another recap, so I've decided to just go ahead and write whenever I feel like it...or probably every 4-5 games...or before a HUGE ROAD TRIP. The latter is the case here. We hit the road, beginning at the 'Clip joint tonight for a 4-game west coast swing. After LAC tonight follows PHX, GS, and Sacto'. At 7-7 we need to go 3-1 on this trip to consider it successful. 2-2 won't cut it, and I don't even wanna think about anything less than 2 wins. The Clippers have been just as inconsistent as we've been up to this point, so this game tonight is a toss-up. And now, the recap:

Nov. 17 v. Phoenix L 115-105

This loss extended the streak to 4 as Phoenix just ran us right out our own damn gym. Anytime Nash goes for 12 or more assists...trouble! The Franchise finally found his way to the court for the first time this season and put up 8 poontas in 23 mins.

Nov. 21 v. Dallas L 100-94
I already threw up in my mouth over this one.

Nov. 23 @ Miami L 98-91
D-Wade played like D-Wade. Shaq didn't want to be outdone on his homecourt by Yao (Shaq 26 poontas-14 boards Yao 20-7) and wasn't. Luis Scola was fan-dam-tastic in a losing effort as the streak reaches 6 L's in a row.

Nov. 24 v. Denver W 109-81
Both teams were in the 2nd game of back-to-backs, so there were no excuses. Whatever Coach Adelman said on the plane ride back from Miami punched all the right buttons. This game was basically over after the 1st quarter with a 21 pt. lead. Good to see The Franchise get a little more run in this one LEADING the bench scorers with 10 poontas. This is the type of loose, exciting ball I've been hoping to see since Adelman took over. Great way to break the losing streak, and head out for a big road trip.

Aiight, tip off with the Clippers is in an hour, time to put my gameface on

and there it is...

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