Rockets Recap #1


Thru 10 games: 6-4 T-Mac games missed & record without: 1 & 0-1

I have to admit, that after the first 7 games of the season I was ready to anoint my boys as true title contenders until our first “bad loss” of the season (@ Memphis) and the slide that commenced from there. In my eyes a “bad loss” (BL from here on out) is a loss to ANY team with a sub .500 winning percentage, and one that will haunt you later in the season when the playoffs are approaching. I’ll be keeping a running tab on these as the season goes on. You’ll also see a running total of number of games missed by our most important player, Tracy McGrady (T-Mac). Why T-Mac? Good question. From the beginning of the ’06-’07 regular season up to today, we are 2-9 in games without T-Mac in the lineup. I know that injuries happen, but if we can manage to post a .500 record in games that he’ll miss, we maintain a shot at a top 3 playoff seed. Let the recap begin.

Opening night Oct. 30 @ LA Lakers W 95-93
Kobe was Kobe going for 18 in the 4th quarter and ended up with a game high 45 for the Lakers and had a shot to tie the game knocked away by Rafer as time expired to seal the win for us. Battier’s 3 pointer with less than 3 seconds was the game-winner as we come out the gate with a W.

Nov. 1 @ Utah W 106-95
Eff Utah! T-Mac drops 47 as we win going away.

Nov. 3 v. Portland W 89-80
The Blazers are a scrappy bunch and will surprise a few teams this year.

Nov. 5 @ Dallas L 107-98
Mavs finished with 5 players in double figures…we had 2. End of story.

Nov. 6 v. San Antonio W 89-81
A great win in the 2nd leg of a back-to-back Texas two-step. 5 players in double figures and Yao going for 28 was the difference.

Nov. 9 v. Milwaukee W 104-88
The first battle for China bragging rights goes to Yao with his 2nd straight 28 point effort.

Nov. 11 @ Charlotte W 85-82
A potential BL avoided when T-Mac drew a charge with 3 seconds left to seal the deal. A game when the stat line is deceptive: Bobcats 5 players in double figures, Rockets with 2 (Yao & T-Mac combined for 60)

Nov. 13 @ Memphis L 105-99
T-Mac’s second 40+ effort of the season, but the team seemed flat from the start. BL #1 for the season.

Nov. 14 v. LA Lakers L 93-90
T-Mac leaves the game before halftime after straining his right elbow. Bonzi gives a spirited effort in his stead in the second half but Kobe was clutch down the stretch finishing with 30

Nov. 16 @ San Antonio L 90-84
Game 1 without T-Mac and Bonzi plays like crap. Luis Scola was impressive with 20 off the bench but too much “Timmay” and Ginobili down the stretch for the Spurs.

A three game slide and no T-Mac to close out the first 10 games of the season…my hopes for a 59-23 regular season record remain intact. See ya in December after our next 10.

And there it is…

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