Respect My Streak

I hate to say I told you so...

My Nets, after beating Portland right before Turkey day, kept the ball rollin', grabbing wins over both the Sonics and last night's 102-100 win over the Lakers (who've slipped to 3 loses in a row), WITH Kobe Bryant putting up 31 points. RJ came up with 27 points, followed by Carter dropping 19. Hell, Bostjan Nachbar dropped 9 of his 15 in the 4th quarter. J. Kidd rounded the stats out with a solid double-double, and we overcame a pretty sad first half to capitalize on the Lakers' misfortune and pull it out.

Good to see Sean Williams getting his props - although he only had 6 points, he tied Kidd with 7 boards last night. I love that presence in the paint. We've always needed a banger and a scorer, and with Vince back, our package looks like it's wrapped and ready to be opened come playoff time. One bad thing to see is Nenad Krstic. NetsDaily has some choice links to some articles describing his situation. I describe it like this: bench dude until he gets better. I won't say get rid of him as of yet (he can be a beast when he's healthy and full of fire), but 2 months on the bench, while "giving him a taste" from time to time doesn't seem like a proper assessment. It just feels like a waste right now. I can only hope he does return to proper form, because if he is off, I will be the first one signing that petition to get him out of New Jerz.

In any case, I am very happy that my Nets are not in their rut anymore... but this being the Eastern Conference, things can change in an instant. I hope we can ride this wave a bit longer...

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