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Remember how I mentioned that the Houston Club All-Stars were looking forward to Diddy's party after catching an L, courtesy of the Mavericks? Well, here are some snapshots of a few of them being the life of the party. For good measure, I threw in a few photos of some groupie types as well. Coincidentally, the Rockets went down to Miami and caught another L. Mysteriously, there was no sign of Bonzi Wells or Stevie Franchise at Diddy's party. I think they got a head start in South Beach. Withouth further ado...

Sean "Diddy" Combs, lookin' like someone's chaperone.

Lil' Kim, before riding someone's Magic Stick later that evening.

T-Mac actually hyperextended his fingers while posing for this photo. He's listed as day-to-day.

Chuck Hayes, Mike James, and someone's weed carrier take in the sights and sounds of the party.

DeSagana Diop of the Dallas Mavericks surveys the groupie landscape. To the victors go the spoils, my friend!

and for some of the ladies of the evening:


The top of the gal, 3rd from left, looks familiar...

...and here's why! I prefer it on this chica. Actually, I prefer it on the floor next to my bed, but that's another blog. Zing!

To quote my brother Fishbone - "And there it is..."

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