Jason Kidd... Cavalier?

In a recent SI.com interview, Jason Kidd let it be known that he has daydreamed, with Lebron James, of a day when the two of them would be playing with each other [II] in Cleveland. Say word?

"There's a little talk,'' Kidd said. "But I told him, 'What-ifs can get you in trouble. You go out there and do your thing, and if I don't get to play with you until this summer [at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing], then that's the way it's meant to be. But the big thing is for you to go out there and lead your team.' And that's what he's doing.''
WOW. That would actually be kind of crazy... Lebron is the type of player we'd need in New Jersey: a cat with a shot, but also having the size to bang with the big boys. It would never happen, only because we'd have to give up so much, and I can only imagine what kind of deal Thorn would put on the table to send Jason Kidd away.

It's all hogwash, though, because (at least today), Jason says he will not be trying to force a trade. That's good news for the Nets, because unless Lebron falls into his lap, I don't think Rod will be trying to throw Jason Kidd out there. Without Kidd, the Nets would surely fall apart. He is such a big part of their run-n-gun offense, and leads the team in boards (which kills me to no end). But Kidd is also 34 (and will be a free agent at age 36)... I don't think he'll be a Net if he stays with them until his free agency. And with LJ being a) so young and b) getting better every year, it might just make sense for him to go to the Cavs.

God help us all.

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