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Name: Enigmatik Inviktus
Born: 7/4/????
Location: Houston, TX
Height: 5'11
Weight: 181 lbs
Age: ??
Position: PG/SG/SF
2007-2008 Salary: Underpaid like a Mutha....

Enigmatik has been an avid Bulls fan since he was knee high to a fly's eye. He believes that the Bulls will be NBA Champs in '07-'08 despite their horrific start and believes that Kobe Bryant should be a Bull sooner rather than later. Enigmatik got his first dunk in the 11th grade but sadly due to rigor mortis of his game, he's lucky enough to grab the rim on a good day. Enigmatik is also notable for being the Head NUPE In Charge for the hip hop blog, Boo Goo Doo Boom. Enigmatik is also a huge fan of tatties.

Name: khal
Born: 10/11/????
Location: Hamilton, NJ
Height: 5'11
Weight: 220 lbs ?
Age: ??
Position: SG/SF
2007-2008 Salary: Married with kids? $0.27

khal is a fan of the Nets, but grew up on a steady diet of Michael Jordan's heyday. He is not only comfortable with the fact that the Nets will more than likely lose in the second round of the 2007-2008 NBA playoffs, but that Vince Carter is both a blessing and a curse. He has wished that Kenyon Martin was given the money he asked for before he was dealt to the Nuggets, and prays for the day that Jason Collins starts smackin' fools with his ashy lips. As of right now, khal maintains rock the dub, a blog about life, with a Hip-Hop state of mind, as well as various other writing gigs that pay less than they should. He prefers a beautiful ass over ridiculous bitties, but has settled for the latter if the former is lackin'.

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