Why Cry?

This is essentially all that happened in last night's demolishing of the Nets, in Boston, by the still-undefeated Boston Celtics. Final score (as if it matters): Beantown 91, Lazy Nets 69.

Now, I turned this game on late, and was not greeted to the 1st quarter score right away (I believe the YES network was trying to direct fans on different Nets packages, as if cats are really try to fill the Izod, especially with Vinsanity out of commission); admittedly, I was shocked to find that my Nets were actually leading. I knew it wouldn't last, but I can dream, no?

If you peep the game stats, you can see that after the 1st quarter, it was pretty much a wrap. The Nets, who do more running that scoring, seemed to be stuck on stupid, while 5 Celtics scored in the double digits. It was a performance kind of like when you're playing NBA Live '95, and you've found all of the old school legends, and you make up this squad of like Dr. J and all of the greats, and then play a team like the Hornets. The impossible becomes possible, and the Nets become obsolete.

Will this crush New Jersey's playoff hopes? Hardly. We're still tied for 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, which is a big joke but hey, they keep it up and they can definitely at least make it to the first round.

Still no word on Carter's return - not like we truly NEED him, but there's no other alternative. Jason Collins has kept his ashy lips to himself, and Krstic played a whopping 13 minutes and made all of one basket. All-in-all...

Damnit. Anyone got any tissues?

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