TBLA. 2-7

Yeah, Kobe...your team smashed my team like an Idaho potato. Mos Def.

I knew my happiness wouldn't last long. This game was different though. This game was a glimpse at what we could have gotten...perhaps...maybe?

The Bulls faced off against Kobe Bryant and the end result was horrific. I figured Kobe would drop 60 on us just to prove a point, but it was actually the Laker bench that dropped 73 on us. If you'll recall, I mentioned in my last post that the Bulls' bench was impotent. Well, I didn't say it in those terms, but I may as well have.

First of all, why is Adrian Griffin starting? What does he provide besides that old man, back you down in the drive way and shoot a two foot basket-type of game? Veteran leadership/experience is fine and dandy, but enough is enough. Tyrus Thomas played six more minutes this time out and put up 2 points and 1 board. Joakim Noah got off the bench and played 6 minutes and pulled down 3 boards. Joe Smith played 18 minutes and had as many turnovers as points (4). Thabo Sefalosha appeared from thin air to chip in 9 points and coughed the ball up 4 times. Last but not least, Chris Duhon chipped in 8 points.

Back to the starting lineup, Ben Gordon continues to lead the way in scoring. Nocioni was close behind Gordon's 20 with 14 points, 6 rebounds, and a team leading 5 fouls. Nice work, Nocioni. Ben Wallace failed to pull down double digit rebounds even with Kwame Brown out of the game for the Lakers. The more I write, the more I get depressed....and then there was this nugget of wisdom from Kirk Hinrich:

"We're just inconsistent, myself included. Everybody just needs to do their job, and hopefully we'll find our way out of this thing."

Kirk, you're wrong. You are not inconsistent. You've been consistently terrible all year long and it's a bit of a concern to me. Three for eleven from the field, 8 assist, and 6 freaking turnovers?!? Woo-saah....

Meanwhile...the Mamba smirks...

The Lakers had 11 out of 12 players contribute to the scoring with 5 out of 7 bench players scoring in double figures. Kobe barely had to do anything and almost outscored the Bulls by himself in the third quarter. At this point, I'm positive that Kobe is wondering why on earth he ever thought about playing for Chicago. That dream...is dead. We are now 1-2 on our six game road trip.

Next up, The Bulls take on Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and the 7-3 Denver Nuggets. I am not sensing good things.

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