Chi-Town Stunna

As a Bulls fan, I haven’t had much to cheer about this season. I could go into my real feelings, but just peep this post at my other block. I’d much rather focus on more positive issues so I’d like to direct your attention to the Luvabulls.

The Luvabulls employ many lovely ladies, however just like your kids – you know you have your favorites. As I scoured the Luvabulls’ section on the Bulls website, I found a dime amongst the assemblage of lovely ladies. Let’s meet my favorite Luvabull, Cheria:

The MVP of the Luvabulls is a native of the Chi and works as a case manager for mentally ill adults and substance abusers. She says she’s in a relationship…but I gotta say this to the brotha she’s dating – I Luv Your Girl. Aiight, "luv" is a strong word even in its misspelled form, but she's still nice. And she's an AKA? Mayne, hol' up.

Cheria, thank you for being the only reason to watch a Bulls game so far this season.

Luvabulls: Cheria

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