Man...I don't even know what to say at this point. I watched a good portion of the game and....*sigh*. It's just painful, man. Ben Wallace is a massive waste of money. Kenny and Charles were right in saying that he probably regrets signing with the Bulls. It is painfully obvious that he does not fit in with the Bulls and I sincerely wish we would have kept the much younger Tyson Chandler. At the time, I just knew we were winning the East with Big Ben on our team but I neglected to notice the fact that his stats have been declining every year. He provides no offense and now is providing little defense and little rebounding. In short, he's not earning his pay check.

As for the other areas of the Bulls' sub-par game play, the point guard position is looking incredibly shaky. Hinrich seems to be more comfortable playing off the ball. His shooting has been terrible and he has been turnover prone as well. Hinrich has taken several steps back in his game play this year.

Luol Deng hardly looks untouchable at this point. His shooting percentage has dipped, he looks shaky out on the floor, and definitely isn't looking like the same player that opposing teams feared last season. Ben Gordon has been the main bright spot, offensively speaking. He leads the team in scoring, but it always seems like he has to exert a tremendous amount of energy to get his points. If he goes down (like he almost did when he bumped knees with a teammate last night) then the Bulls are going to be in a world of hurt. Nocioni was a gunner out there, but that's nothing new. He looked decent out there but I feel like he chucked up way too many three pointers. Tyrus Thomas provided a nice spark off the bench, but Scott Skiles doesn't seem to trust him out there on the floor.

The Bulls' defense was the foundation of the team and it appears to have vanished. Their transition defense was put to shame against the high-octane offense of the Phoenix Suns and Leandro Barbosa absolutely lit them up from the three point line. They gave too many easy baskets on fast breaks, back door cuts, and open jumpers. For a little while, it seemed as though the Bulls would dig themselves out of the hole they made but a turnover here and a bad shot there ended any hopes of a comeback.

The Bulls' main problems are that there is no go-to guy and there is no real leadership on the team. Case in point - Adrian Griffin called a players-only meeting to discuss the team's troubles. I appreciate him stepping up to the plate, but let's be real here; this guy is getting ZERO minutes. Why is the guy who is barely on the roster the one to be calling players-only team meetings?

The Bulls have five more games to play on this road trip and the way they are playing, there is a very real possibility that they will come back to the United Center with a record of 1-11. Not only would that be a nightmare for them to recover from, but it should also bring about the removal of many members of the Bulls organization. Many analysts are saying that the Bulls shouldn't panic because the season is still young, but at this point I think we've been figured out as a team and need to make some drastic changes immediately.

Oh well...there's always Cheria.

Posted byEnigmatik at 9:03 AM  


khal said... November 16, 2007 at 9:56 AM  

it is kind of crazy that the non-playing cats are the ones getting the meetings together. i guess that lack of burn gives him time to organize his thoughts correctly.

or maybe its the shoes.

J~Dub said... November 16, 2007 at 10:47 AM  

well, before the season, i had the bulls to win the east conference championship beating the celtics..i dont think the season is over yet, but things do need to change asap...

oh, and cheria may make me forget the nets and become a bulls fan...

enigmatik said... November 16, 2007 at 10:55 AM  

Man...I'm pretty sure the Celtics are going to pound the Bulls. Call me pessimistic, but the Bulls look like pure crap.

And Cheria is awesome. I'm going to see if I can get an interview with her.

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