"Shaq, get your mind right"

Can it be that it was all so simple?

I was watching ESPN a week or so ago, and the commentators (which included ya boy Stephen A. Smith) were discussing the obvious downward spiral the Heat are on right now (currently 1-7 - and soon to be 1-8 tonight when they play the Celtics - in the Southeast Division). The onus, with Dwayne Wade just getting back from an injury, has been on Shaq trying to get his head in the game. Smith even made comments about not being surprised if Shaq hangs it up or his game continues to deteroirate due his off-court situation. While I get that Shaq needs his time to deal with his wife seemingly hiding funds behind his back, and get that dealt with, why bring the team down with you?

D-Wade is talking about trying to "get Shaq motivated", as if he just shot a movie and was living the high life. With Shaq averaging something like 15 points and 6 or so rebounds a game, I could be out there in his uniform and playing his minutes for him. I think Shaq either needs to take some serious time off or stop the shullbit and get his mind right. The strain of a divorce has to be wild - from the dividing of assets to the kids, everything has to be finalized to a T. And that costs mad loot in and of itself - I don't think Shaq wants Shaunie to get broke off like Juanita did! But on the same token, the Heat don't have to suffer more than they already would without him there. His under performance is insulting, and could be avoided if he just did what he knows he needs to do: ish or get off the pot.

All in all, though, I am glad the Heat are out of the Nets way. So, good luck to Shaq, I hope you got the ill Cochran lawyers - you gonna need 'em!

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