Un-welcome Home

How we let the Grizzlies win one over us, after coming off that high from the Thanksgiving break is beyond me. The last thing I was wanting to see was a Nets loss to Memphis, 109-103, in NJ. We just didn't let it connect: our (lack-of) defense allowed FIVE Grizzlies to hit double digits, including 19 from Mike Miller and 22 from Paul Gasol. And even though Jason Kidd recorded his 91st triple-double, and we had strong performances by Richard Jefferson (27pts, 5 dimes) and Vince Carter (32 pts., 7 dimes, 9 boards), as well as a solid 13 points from Antoine Wright, we just didn't have it.

The one main factor was us just getting into the rhythm of the game at a slow pace. Was it the jetlag? RJ himself made comments like "all my shots were short. Anytime I made one I was surprised they went in", which is a boohoo for a 12 year old trying to get his weight up. A premier leader, a guy who is already getting All-Star game nods, he needs to be making sure he comes out with that confidence, or an attitude that will help elevate his squad. The Nenad Krstic injury factor does not help, but they played well without him last year, so it has to be something else.

In watching the post-game press conference, I had to chuckle at a comment Jason Kidd made. He was asked if he knows why his team seems to win more on the road, and he made a deadpan "maybe because there's more people in the seats" comment which cracked me up, but then made me realize that, hell, I've never been to a Nets game in my life. I've seen the Sixers, the Bulls and the Knicks, but never peeped the Nets. I do my part to support at home, and ride with my heart even if the chips are down. But there has to be something said about the rush that a crowd can give you...

But it was a joke, and the Nets letting the Grizzlies eek one out over them is a joke. Look, fix up the defensive holes, stop falling into 18-point holes, hold these teams to the normal "nothing over 80" point battles that New Jersey is known for, and keep excelling in that team-oriented idealism. Without that, it's a wrap.

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