The Return?

Maybe he heard my pleads. Word on the street is that Vince Carter (who is listed as "day-to-day" currently) was seen practicing with the Nets yesterday, with a possibility of him suiting up for tonight's game against the Trailblazers (both NJ and Portland share the same record, and the Blazers just came off a loss to the Bobcats - but are undefeated at home). I'm feeling this, given that Carter isn't coming back too soon. The last thing we need is one of our top shooters with a more severe injury than he already has. We need that guy, for good or ill.

Don't let the Jason Kidd-trade chatter get to you, he has said that he is not trying to be traded. And not trying to be funny, no one else is really giving the Nets what they should be getting for him. He might be old but he's an instant boost to any team's offense (as well as defense, he is a monster on the boards) - but his age puts him in some wack category. His best bet would be to try and influence proper trades/acquisitions for the Nets. Get another pure scorer, maybe someone who can help Sean Williams mature, and let it roll.

In any case, Vince suited up tonight would be an ill treat. Let's hope he comes out, and that all systems are go, health-wise. And take heed to what dude at BlazersEdge says about tonight's game - is he a scout?

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