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Wow. The Knicks got their muthaphuqin' hood stomped out in a major way last night. To top it all off, the game was nationally televised. Gotdayum...104-59. I haven't seen a beatdown the court that bad in a hot minute. Wow. Kevin Garnett only scored 8 points, but Paul Pierce and Ray Allen picked up the slack by dropping 21 points a piece. The Knicks had one guy (Nate Robinson) in double figures, and that came as a result of a 37 foot prayer at the end of the game. Wow.

After a 4-10 start, an embarassing court scandal, inflated the teams payroll to one of the highest in professional sports, and reducing one of the great franchises in NBA history to a laughing stock, how on earth do you NOT fire Isiah Thomas?

Oh yeah, these are the Knicks we're talking about.

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