TBLA. 2-8

Fire Scott Skiles. Trade Kirk Hinrich.

Until the bulls get to .500 basketball, they will remain with the lower case 'b'. Now that we've got that out of the way, let me tell you how angry and embarrassed I am to call myself a bulls fan. Scratch that...I can't even put into words how angry and embarrassed I am. I'm writing this crap and the game isn't even over yet...

Kirk Hinrich, I don't know what the hell happened to you but enough is enough...if Skiles is going to stick around, he needs to bring Hinrich off the bench and start Duhon. That's right, the bulls' shitty play has made me officially lose my mind. Scratch that...Scott Skiles needs to be fired and Kirk Hinrich can be traded for 3 medicine balls and an elliptical machine for all I care. Skiles has not adjusted to coaching against NBA teams this season and is plainly calling out to John Paxson to terminate him.

Man, fuck this. I'll post a laink to the ESPN.com recap when the slaughterhouse is over.

The game is over and we have officially lost. 112-91. 112. To 91. Bumbaclot. I will now puke on my bulls fitted.

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