KG: "We're not perfect"

A few nights after Dwight Howard handed my Nets another L, he lead the Magic past the Celtics, eeking a 104-102 win, and handing the Celts their FIRST L of the 2007-2008 season. It's kind of interesting, seeing the Magic at 9-2 right now (I know, I know, it's early, but this team used to be on the bottom of the heap for MANY years), and it's interesting to see the Celtics trailing by 20 at one point. They ended up bridging the gap, but it was still not enough, as Paul Pierce missed a J that could have sent them into OT.

This isn't SUPER devastating; I mean, Boston and Orlando are the beasts in the East right now... but I just liked seeing the Celtics fall. As long as their top 3 stay healthy and keep up the cohesion, they should have a great record this season.

Recaps: FOX Sports \ ESPN \ CelticsBlog

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