Sorry I'm late...but don't forget the bench

Name: Fishbone
Born: 4/13/ 19 seventy-something
Location: Houston, TX
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 215
Age: 3???
Position: Asst. Coach
2007-2008 Salary: Married w/ a daughter…I got 4 bucks!

Fishbone learned to be a basketball nerd early in life. The son of a high school varsity referee, he traveled to many a game as a young’n learning at the grassroots level. Unfortunately, his game never measured up to his acumen and he later became a bookkeeper/clock operator in Middle School. After being voted the best intramural referee as a freshman in college, he, as a sophomore was the head coach of the championship winning intramural b-ball squad (a team comprised of his football teammates) posting an 8-0 record and winning by an average margin of 17 a game. Fishbone is a Houston Rockets fan, and will ride with his boys. He eagerly proclaims that this will be the year that T-Mac, not only, wins a first round series but takes the Rockets to, at least, the Western Conf. Finals.

Fishbone will drop in with periodic 10-game columns about the Rockets…unless some other hot topic opens up.

Oh yeah...Hoya paranoia baby, always been a fan.

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