Bah Humbug: bulls fire Scott Skiles

First and foremost I'd like to say that I'm pissed that Khal beat me to the punch on a post about my squad. Much like the bulls, my production has been slipping over here at Have You Seen Me Dunk? so I must apologize. I've just been so disgusted by the play of my favorite squad ever that I didn't know what to write.

Well, I just got off of the road to check what's going on with the Internets and I see the headline:

Bumbling Bulls Fire Coach Skiles

After watching how dreadful the bulls were against the Rockets on Saturday night, I knew that a change was going to come. Not only was I infuriated that the bulls were getting blasted, but they were getting blasted a team that is the Western Conference version of themselves. In the sense that the Rockets are probably the second most disappointing team in the league right behind the bulls. Seeing that vagina Tracy McGrady smiling at the U.C. as his Rockets squad buried my bulls was too much for me to handle. Especially considering I was in San Antonio watching the game at my younger bro's house (those folks in S.A. love them some Spurs).

I wish I could say that this is good news, but it isn't. For all of his faults, Skiles brought a certain hard nosed attitude to the ball club that for one reason or another just has not been seen all season long. If the players start to magically play better, then I'm going to be both happy and pissed - happy that they'll start to look like professional ball players and pissed that they mailed in the first quarter of the season.

The question now is where do we go from here? We still have the same undersized team that is now under-performing on a regular basis. Winning is a habit and so is losing, and the bulls have gotten quite comfortable with getting pummelled. I would love to see some roster changes but no one on our ball club would fetch anything appealing at this point (I think).

Will Ben Wallace start earning his paycheck on a nightly basis or should we ship him back to Detroit for free?

Will Ben Gordon become a consistent player?

Will Kirk Hinrich murder whoever this guy who has been posing as him this season?

Will Luol Deng prove to everyone that he truly is an untradeable asset?

Will Tyrus Thomas earn a spot in the rotation?

Will the bulls get to .500 this season?


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khal said... December 25, 2007 at 10:13 PM  

my bad homie. wanted to get some hits.

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