Real Talk: Coach's Fault

Word has just hit the wire: Scott Skiles is now the former coach of the Chicago Bulls, a team that right now is underperfoming in a weak Eastern Conference, not even hitting the double digits in the win column. John Paxson had this odd comment for the press:

"This was a difficult decision to make, but one that was necessary at this time," Bulls general manager John Paxson said in a release. "Scott helped us in many ways during his time with the Bulls; most importantly, he helped this franchise get back to respectability. I am appreciative of his hard work and the imprint that he left on our team."
OK so I can see you wanting to not totally dog someone you just kicked to the curb, but if Skiles "helped... in many ways", as well as helping "this franchise get back to respectability", why was he given his walking papers? Why are teams so quick to dispose of their coach when the players underperform, especially someone who has helped make your club respectable?!

The fans are asking for the Knicks to do the same thing, as if Isaiah Thomas is suited up. A coach can only give a team so many tools - if their team fails to capitalize on it, how can you then blame the coach? I can't speak on how many times E hits me up, depressed over Kirk Hinrich's lack of performance, Ben Wallace's underwhelming tenure with the Bulls, and a host of other problems. When do you go ahead and cut the fat?

I'm not saying a coach does not hold the blame - far from it. It's his vision, and he should be held accountable. I just wonder why franchises are so often to axe the coach, instead of making a productive move and removing the players who aren't earning their keep.

It's something to make you go "hmmmmm", but it's also Real Talk.

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