The bulls win!!! 11-17

F*ck the Knicks. Word to Billy Sunday. But before I talk about how we smashed the Knicks, let's talk about the win over the Bucks.

Jim Boylan took over for Scott Skiles and was greeted by a Bucks team that's been less than stellar lately. The Bucks were desperate for a win and must have smiled to themselves when they saw the bulls on the schedule. Boylan's first move as the new coach was to send Ben Gordon down to the bench. Personally, I feel that if anyone deserves to be benched it should have been Kirk Hinrich but what do I know? Anyway, Ben Gordon was nailed to the bench to start the game but when he got in he shot the lights out. Ben had 31 points of the bench, including 19 points in the fourth quarter to help the bulls pull out the victory over the Bucks. The game was tight, but we got a bit of a cushion after Bucks' coach Larry Krystkowiak was ejected from the game for arguing a call. Luol Deng pitched in with 28 points while Nocioni and Aaron Gray added 11 and 10 points respectively. Old Man Wallace managed to reel in 10 boards.

This afternoon against the Knicks, we had a chance to notch another "W" in the win column and did just that. Ben Gordon came off the bench again and finished with another strong game as he had 25 points on 11 out of 15 shooting. Luol Deng was second fiddle again and had 17 points. Ben Wallace pulled down 10 rebounds again, and Kirk Hinrich had 8 assists and no turnovers. Tyrus Thomas is the only member of the bulls who did not enter the game. Thabo Sef-a-what's his name apparently got in the game as he shot the ball once and missed. Other than his 0-1 performance in two minutes of action, there is no other evidence that Thabo was in the building. The amber alert for his game is still in effect.

I'm guessing Tyrus Thomas' days as a bull are numbered. I say we package Tyrus Thomas, Ben Wallace, and Thabo Sefolosha's basketball card in a trade for a low post scorer.

Next up, our inside guys get a chance to defend Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. Good luck with that.

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