Killer Crossover (New Year's Eve 2007)

  • The Lakers threw on the short shorts, but they still got their tight pants handed to them by the Celtics, 110-91, in the Staples Center. Maybe they should have worn the nut-huggers past halftime...
  • What's really good with Stephon Marbury not suiting up for the recent loss the Knicks received from the bulls? Is this a sign of a trade in 2008?
  • Speaking of trades, Philly seemed kind of quiet. Odd, assuming that they traded away Kyle Korver to the Utah Jazz. Which is just odd in itself, seeing as the Jazz already have Andrei Kirilenko, who I remember hearing wasn't the happiest.
  • Word is Ron Artest is going to be seeking some medical consultation inre: possible elbow surgery. If he gets it, he's gonna be out for weeks. Hopefully this is the same arm he writes rhymes with...
  • For you bulls fans: Dime has a post regarding Scottie Pippen's assessment of the current roster of Chicago's team. He does not mince words, but the truth hurts, right? That might change if this piece of info Enigmatik just sent me is true: rumor has it that both Kirk Hinrich and Ben Wallace are on the trade block, and the Cavs might be giving up Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes for them!?

Looks like, as 2007 is winding down, 2008 is just about to heat up!

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