"Fire Isaiah"

Not 24 hours after I read Isaiah Thomas saying he was wrong and that his players need to shape up or GTFO, the fans rallied outside of the Garden this afternoon, carrying a big pink slip and chanting "Fire Isaiah".

While I do think Thomas isn't handling things properly, and that the Knicks organization's heavy-handed care with him is mad suspect, he isn't the problem. The problem started years before he came to the team, and while he's mismanaged money, firing him won't make them better. Firing him might feel good, but that's like throwing away a new pair of pants because your fat belly broke the clasp. While getting a bigger pair would be dope, your belly is truly the issue.

The lack of focus of the players is the issue. The horrible decisions made years back is the issue. And firing Thomas won't solve them. Reorganization, and possibly a bit of the player shifting, is the first place the team should start.

I wish I had a pick of that giant pink slip, though.

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