Nets Loss: Sign of Bigger Problem?

OK: My Nets lost to the Knicks, a game they didn't have to lose AT ALL. In NJ, getting whupped by the Knicks 100-93 was NOT what I was expecting, but the undercurrent is deeper... let the rumor mill tell it.

I spoke about Jason Kidd's shared dream to play with Lebron James last week, and earlier this week I mentioned about the whole contract-extension confusion that popped off. One can only hope that the inevitable doesn't sneak up on us earlier than necessary... but with Jason Kidd sitting out due to a migraine is just not really what anyone saw going on. Iannazzone wonders if this is Kidd's dissention, almost a silent protest if you will. The info surrounding the whole sitting out is being described as "conflicting", and I'm just hoping it is what Kidd says it is.

New Jersey's captain is Jason Kidd. When the captain is happy, they are doing it big. When he is unhappy, things fall apart. They cannot afford to lose Jason now, or ever. Not without a replacement. I highly doubt that they are going to get a good deal for Kidd - hell, the dude who brought us Vince Carter just left for the 215. We're down players, we're down a solid GM, and now is just not the time for any of this.

Who knows how this will play out. NetsDaily has a compilation of many different views on this subject - and until we get the official word, it's all talk. Hopefully we can just get to playing.

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